Leila Medley Quality Local Association Award

The purpose of the Leila Medley Quality Local Association Award (LMQLA) is to strengthen local associations by providing a framework that describes the characteristics of locals with high levels of capacity and recognizes progress within that framework.

Leila Medley was a teacher, MNEA leader, and an MNEA staff member who understood the power of political involvement and the importance of strong local associations. She served as a UniServ Director and as MNEA Political Director from 1988 until 2009. She mentored hundreds of members in the skills needed to empower themselves and other members. She believed that it was through grassroots efforts that our members and their locals become a powerful force in making our public schools great for every student.

To be eligible for this recognition, a local must document at least one activity in each of the eight criteria areas and be a local in good standing (bylaws are in compliance, dues payments are current).

  • Gold level: A local must demonstrate that it has met 90% of the suggested activities - 50/56
  • Silver level: A local must demonstrate that it has met 80% of the suggested activities - 44/56
  • Bronze level: A local must demonstrate that it has met 70% of the suggested activities - 38/56

The checklist items apply to the previous membership year (September 1- August 31)

The MNEA Executive Committee may waive any activity due to local association circumstances. Contact the MNEA Vice President with any questions regarding an activity. The Membership Advisory Committee will review all applications and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Locals achieving LMQLA status will be recognized at the MNEA Representative Assemblies.

Application Deadline: October 1

Application Process: Send application and supporting documents to Missouri NEA Vice President, 1810 East Elm, Jefferson City, MO 65101. Documentation may include: photos, screenshots, emails, flyers, social media screen captures, newsletters, text from audio messages, or other evidence of activities.