The Public School and Education Employee Retirement Systems of Missouri provides a significant and stable source of retirement, disability, and survivor benefits to Missouri's public school teachers, school employees, and their families. PSRS and PEERS are Defined Benefit pension plans providing lifetime retirement benefits to qualified members based on a formula set by Missouri law.

PSRS/PEERS works in partnership with Missouri school districts to provide eligible employees and their beneficiaries with a source of income to enhance retirement, disability, or death benefits. Benefits are based on the employee's salary and length of service during their employment with Missouri public schools. 

MNEA Legislative Director Otto Fajen ( attends the PSRS/PEERS Board meetings. After each meeting, Otto writes a report and may issue alerts to staff and members about upcoming policy changes that may negatively impact educators. He also keeps members apprised of the financial health of the pension system, investment performance, and COLA increases. 

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