NEA Representative Assembly

Philadelphia, PA

July 3-7, 2024

MNEA Pre-RA Caucus: To be determined. 

The NEA Representative Assembly is one of the largest democratic bodies in the nation. With more than 8,000 delegates representing the state and local NEA affiliates, Aspiring Educators, retired members, and others from the united education profession, it is the best way to see the democracy of the NEA in action. 

The NEA Representative Assembly is the primary legislative and policymaking body of the National Education Association and derives its powers from, and is responsible to, the membership. The Representative Assembly adopts the strategic plan and budget, resolutions, the Legislative Program, and other policies of the Association. Delegates vote by secret ballot on proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws. Those delegates with full voting rights elect the executive officers, Executive Committee members, and at-large members of the NEA Board of Directors, as appropriate.

This year's meeting will be in person. However, delegates will have the option to use a virtual platform that will allow for debate, voting on business items, and all other RA business. MNEA caucuses will not have a virtual option. Check the NEA RA page for more information. 

Delegates from across the state of Missouri will participate in the NEA RA July 3-7. Missouri NEA's state delegates are elected by MNEA active members*. MNEA is committed to racial and ethnic minority involvement, and we are happy to report that the composition of the MNEA delegation has always been in proportion to the ethnic minority population within the state of Missouri.

*Eligible Active Members: Only NEA Active and Active Life may vote (MNEA Retired and Student members hold their own elections).

Want to go to the NEA RA?

File your NEA RA state delegate candidate statement and photo by Jan. 15.

To be listed on the ballot, you must file a declaration of candidacy form with MNEA by Jan. 15. You may submit a statement of up to 100 words with a photo of yourself (preferably a headshot or school photo).

The list of candidates will be posted to the Missouri NEA website in late January before the election begins. 

Submit your Candidacy Form 

State Delegate Election

State Delegate Election

Electronic Voting

The election for state delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly will be conducted electronically. State delegates are elected in two categories. Category I delegates are active members who are teachers, education support professionals, and other members not serving as supervisors or administrators. Category II delegates are active members who are supervisors or administrators whose duties include the evaluation of employees. A secret ballot election to elect 21* NEA RA Category I state delegates and one* Category II state delegate will be conducted by an electronic voting system between February 1 and March 1.  

Eligible** voting members will receive an electronic ballot at the home email address listed in their membership record. If you do not have access to email, you may request a mail-in ballot. The deadline to request a mail-in ballot is 12 noon Fri., Feb. 16. Mail-in ballots must be mailed and received at MNEA Headquarters no later than 5 p.m. March 1

Request a mail-in ballot now >>

To vote electronically,

  1. You must click on the link you received through your personal email.  
  2. You can only cast your vote once. You will not be able to revise your ballot once you submit it electronically.
  3. You cannot use a link shared with you by another member. Each link accepts one and only one submission. If you did not receive your email and need your electronic link, contact MNEA at

If you have questions regarding voting or the election process, contact Roxane Bly at ( at (573) 644-9606.

*Numbers based on 2024 MNEA membership totals. The number of delegates allowed may change in 2025.
**Eligible Members: Only NEA Active and Active Life may vote (MNEA Retired and Student members hold their own elections).

Delegate Categories

Delegate Categories

Ex Officio Delegates

The MNEA president and NEA directors are eligible for ex officio delegate status to the NEA RA.

Local Delegates

Local delegates are elected by the members of a local affiliate, with one delegate for every 150 active members or a major fraction thereof. Presidents of locals eligible to elect local delegates (locals with 76 members or more) will receive local election information in early February via email from NEA. Members should contact their local presidents to learn the procedures, timelines, and reimbursement procedures for local delegates.

Cluster Delegates

Cluster delegates are elected by members of several locals that have networked to attain the minimum 76 members required for delegate eligibility. Members interested in being elected as cluster delegates should contact Roxane Bly at 573-644-9606. Cluster delegate elections are conducted during March and April.

MNEA-Retired Delegates

MNEA-Retired members elect delegates from their membership to represent them at the NEA R.A. Only MNEA-Retired members may nominate, vote for or serve as retired delegates. Election of the MNEA-R delegates will be held at the MNEA-R annual meeting in April. Contact Olivia Compton ( at (417) 569-1406 for more information. 

Missouri Aspiring Educators Delegates

The number of delegates allocated for Aspiring Educators will be determined based on the number of college student members in the state. Only members of Aspiring Educators may nominate, vote for or serve as Aspiring Educator delegates. Contact Shannon Weber at 1-800-392-0236 if you are a member of Aspiring Educators and interested in becoming a delegate.