Charitable Funds

Missouri NEA members want a way to support educators and students who need a little help financially. That's why Missouri NEA offers two charitable funds. Both of the funds allow tax-deductible contributions, and you have the option to give just once or set up a recurring contribution. 

You can submit requests for assistance at any time during the year to the HOPE Fund. Applications are reviewed by the MNEA president. The CHEER Fund accepts applications until Feb. 1 each year. The MNEA-Retired president reviews and issues funds during the spring.

Through its Humanitarian Outreach Project for Education Fund , Missouri NEA assists members, students, and schools. The HOPE Fund is designed to provide relief to members, students, and/or public schools who are experiencing hardship and/or need educational-related supplies due to natural disasters.
Caring Help for Education Endeavors by Retirees was formed by MNEA-Retired to be a public benefit by enhancing the learning conditions of Missouri's children. CHEER will provide opportunities for MNEA-Retired members to reach out to public school district employees, particularly early career educators, and provide financial and material resources such as, but not limited to the following...