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Missouri NEA has a knowledgeable, full-time staff located in five offices across the state of Missouri.

The MNEA UniServ staff located in regional offices are your front-line defense team to help deal with a wide range of problems. It helps to have an experienced advocate by your side in grievances. UniServ also offers union organizing and collective bargaining assistance to help your local association negotiate salary, benefits, working conditions, and job security. Regional office administrative assistants help triage calls and can assist with a variety of topics including membership, dues payments, and member benefits.

The MNEA program staff, legal team, and governance are mainly located in the headquarters office. This team of professionals and associates is here to help with legislative topics, political influence, research, professional development needs, and member benefits.   

Dr. Patrick Layden  
Executive Director

Dr. Patrick Layden1810 East Elm Street • Jefferson City, MO 65101
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Dr. Patrick Layden's dedication to students, public schools, and the labor movement has steered his professional journey. From his beginnings as a social studies teacher in Independence, MO, he advanced to leadership roles, most notably as principal of Van Horn High School. Throughout his career, Layden has championed the integration of technology and data-driven approaches to enhance student outcomes and the educator work environment.

A staunch advocate for educators and students alike, Layden has contributed significantly to Missouri NEA and the Colorado Education Association. He has mentored local leaders across Missouri, guided Aspiring Educators in honing their skills, and nurtured a genuine enthusiasm for learning. His work as a local leader in Independence NEA led to the historic Missouri Supreme Court decision in 2007 that guaranteed the right of public employees to bargain collectively and organize unions.

With a bachelor's in history from Park University and a doctorate in educational leadership from Saint Louis University, Layden's school district administrators acknowledged his contributions when they awarded him the Independence School District Teacher of the Year award.

As MNEA executive director, Layden remains dedicated to supporting students, uplifting educators, advancing public education in Missouri, and furthering the cause of public sector unions across our state.   

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Call on Your Regional UniServ Office. UniServ is the delivery system for local, state, and national Association programs. Through UniServ directors, who work out of Missouri NEA’s five regional offices, MNEA brings to members and local associations a wide range of programs and services. MNEA’s UniServ directors are organizers, consultants, lobbyists, negotiators, trainers, spokespeople, grievance...