State Committees

Missouri NEA has six standing committees, three advisory committees, and two elected committees—each with specific functions to help develop and/or carry out Missouri NEA's programs. Except otherwise noted, committee members, committee chairs, and board liaisons are appointed by the MNEA President with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors. Most MNEA committees meet three or four times during the school year. Check the Committee Handbook for additional information about dates, times, locations, conference calls, etc.

Contact the Governance Executive Administrative Assistant Roxane Bly ( with questions regarding the MNEA committees, and meetings or to receive a copy of the Committee Handbook.

Get Involved

To volunteer to serve on an MNEA committee for the following school year, notify MNEA Pres. Phil Murray by July 15, using either the online committee form or printable committee volunteer form, indicating on which committee or committees you are interested in working.

Appointments are made—and members will be notified of their appointment—during the summer.

Make a Suggestion

MNEA members are encouraged to submit suggestions to MNEA state committees at any time. However, to be considered for the next budget cycle, suggestions must be submitted by Jan. 1. 

Submit your suggestion

MNEA Standing Committees

Constitution, Bylaws and Rules Committee

This committee introduces, interprets, presents, and recommends amendments to the Bylaws and Standing Rules of the Association at the April session of the Representative Assembly. The Bylaws Committee may also interpret the Bylaws as needed.

MNEA Vice President: Rebeka McIntosh
Chair: Monica Miller
Board Liaisons: Tammy McGrellis
Staff Liaison: Dr. Patrick Layden
Staff Liaison: Daniel Bryar 
Committee Members: Matt Agee, Amanda Bearden, Kerry Bennett, Cynthia Bodecker-Myers, Sonja Burks, Doug Hurst, Gregory Meyer, Kirby Newport, Jason Steliga, Dennis Tabb

Credentials Committee

This committee is responsible for the verification and registration of the delegates to the Representative Assembly, the implementation of all voting procedures of the Representative Assembly, and the certification of election results of the RA.

Chair: Donna Rudroff
Board Liaison: Carrie Begemann
Staff Liaison: Roxane Bly
Committee Members: Tresina Alvested, Thomas Bamvakais, Jessica Crawford, Krystal Dover, Dee Elder, Kathy Hann, Carmen Hill, Erick Hucker, Cheryl Landrum, Diane Livingston, Jacqueline McGill, Treena Murray, Kathleen Naudi, Wendy Nepean, Connie Steinmetz

Human Rights Committee

This committee is responsible for surveying, researching, and sharing information that will improve and protect the rights of school populations. The Committee shall promote history month celebrations, i.e., Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, etc. The Committee shall coordinate the activities of the Association that are designed to attract and increase minority involvement. In addition, the Committee shall review current and proposed legislation which might have an impact on minorities or civil rights. This committee judges the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Poster-Essay Contest, selects winners of the Gilbert Balderrama Scholarship, and promotes contributions to the HOPE Fund. 

Chair: JoWanda Bozeman
Board Liaisons: Dr. Alexander Tai
Staff Liaison: Lisa Blaha
Committee Members: Stacy Adamson, Ashleigh Bertrand, Lisa Brown, DeNae Bush, Jennifer Clossum, Krystal Crayton-Day, Joaquin Cuni, Linnet Early-Husi, Anyisa Evans, Thomas Greene, Carmen Hill, Francine Hill, Rachel Johnson, Kathy Pennington, Lynn Selvey-Hinton, Jessica Swete, Jane Sykes, Debbie Wade-Wilson

Resolutions Committee

This committee researches, outlines, and presents changes to the Resolutions document at the October Board of Directors meeting for recommendation to the MNEA Spring Representative Assembly. They review Section XIII Position Statements of the MNEA Policies and Guidelines to make recommendations to the MNEA president as needed. 

Chair: Christina Melly 
Board Liaisons: Andy Slaughter
Staff Liaison: Dr. Patrick Layden and Otto Fajen
Committee Members: Amanda Brewer, Andrea Cavanaugh, Andrea Cavanaugh, Annette Doyle, Emanuel Grimes, Maggie Harr, Max Hull, Brendan Kearns, Alicia Kleoppel, Wendy Kline, Kate Kraybill, Tara Mueller, E. Gail Rock, Lisa Spaulding, Dorothy Walk, Lindsey Weatherby, Lynnea Wootten

Women's Issues Committee

This committee analyzes emerging challenges facing women in the education workplace and recommends strategies for NEA to understand in addressing these challenges in partnership with labor allies. The committee shall promote trainings and workshops in gender equity and women’s leadership skills and the awareness of women in history. In addition, the committee is responsible for collecting and disseminating information in the areas of women’s health and well-being.

Chair: Joyce Bluett
Board Liaison: Jamie Buchner
Staff Liaison: Kelli Dornfeld
Committee Members: Katie Aubrey, Joy Banks, Carrie Begemann, Kira Collins, Kimbala Ellis, Lori Fisk, Stacye Hendree, Mary Ladd, Moira McCracken, Cherae Parnell West, Christina Rudloff-Guilford, Demetria Russell, Jenny Smith, Pearline Walker-Fairley


Communication and Membership Advisory Committee

This works to establish effective public relations committees in local affiliates and explores and recommends effective membership strategies for all membership categories. The committee assists locals in networking public relations ideas and enhancing the image of the Association and education employees. It also assists in building membership capacity for MNEA and its local affiliates.

Chair: Beverly Schroeder
Board Liaisons: Brendan Kearns
Staff Liaison: Mark Jones 
Staff Liaison: Chastity Danner
Committee Members: Thomas Cook, Jeni Goode, Heidi Hansen, Irvin (Chuck) Howard, Victoria Joyce, Christine Kortkamp, Gabriel Livingston, Janice McClenahan, Patrick McPartland, Jane McPartland, Sarah Nelson, Connie Steinmetz

Member Benefits Advisory Committee

This committee reviews and recommends for approval by the Board of Directors new special services products, reviews existing special services products, and has a grievance procedure for the purpose of processing complaints of products or services.

Chair: Matt Agee
Board Liaison: Scott Dean
Staff Liaison: Pam Koetting
Committee Members: Krystal Dover, Abbie-Marie Hadinger, Wendy Nepean, Rebecca Portwood, Michael Selby, Heidi Shelton, Paul Vaillancourt

Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee

This committee researches, designs, and coordinates programs to address current instructional and professional development issues. This committee uses ad hoc subcommittees to organize around specific topics to increase member involvement. They promote, review applications, and select winners for the Cochran and Educators Rising Scholarships. 

Chair: Tresina Alvested
Board Liaison: Jenny Smith 
Staff Liaison: Samantha Hayes 
Committee Members: Raquel Babb, Lisa Baldwin, Rhonda Black-Fry, Matthew Botkin, Lisa Cummins, Cheryl Cunningham, Timothy Ema, Kristen Engle, Troy Fredde, Leslie Goodwin, Michelle Joycey, Lisa Kickbusch, Brandon Moore, Kathryn Owens, Kim Piel, Megan Rose, Lieda Shadwick, Julie Weis

MNEA Elected Committees

NEA Convention Committee

This committee is responsible for planning activities for Missouri NEA’s delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly. Members are elected to this committee by the NEA pre-RA delegates in June and will support the NEA RA. 

Staff Liaison: Pam Koetting
Committee Chair: Michelle Shephard

Program, Audit and Budget Committee

This committee consists of two members elected by the Board of Directors, and two members elected by the Representative Assembly. Members elected by the Board of Directors serve one-year terms, and members elected by the RA serve two-year terms. The vice president is the chair of this committee. This committee recommends, prior to the April Session of the Representative Assembly, the annual program budget for review by the Board of Directors and adoption by the Representative Assembly.

MNEA Vice President/Chair: Rebeka McIntosh
Staff Liaisons: Dr. Patrick Layden and Karen Struemph
Committee Members: Chuck Howard, Jenny Smith, Tresina Alvested

PAC Executive Council

(Check with the Government Relations Administrative Assistant for meeting dates.)


This committee reviews recommendations of local screening committees for state and federal elections and votes on endorsement recommendations. Endorsement of candidates for federal races must also be approved by the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education. Two members are elected from each Governance District by that district’s delegates to the Missouri NEA Representative Assembly. Members serve for staggered, four-year terms.

President: Phillip Murray
Vice President: Rebeka McIntosh
NEA Directors: Andy Slaughter and Vacancy
Staff Liaison: Dr. Patrick LaydenOtto FajenElizabeth Zerr
Committee Members:
Gov. Dist. 1 - Rebecca Portwood, Vacancy
Gov. Dist. 2 - Stephanie Blake, David Swanter
Gov. Dist. 3 - Regina Newport, Jonathan Holz
Gov. Dist. 4 - Tyler Janke, Kate Kraybill
Gov. Dist. 5 - Amanda Bearden, Kevin Bland
Gov. Dist. 6 - Monica Miller, Vacancy
Gov. Dist. 7 - Adan Vishy, Terrance Howell
Gov. Dist. 8 - Jennifer Wofford (ESP), Heather McCord
Gov. Dist. 9 - Lindsey Weatherby, Irvin Chuck Howard
Gov. Dist. 10 - Anyisa Evans, Anita Kuehner
Gov. Dist. 11 - Matt Agee, Vacancy
MNEA-Higher Education - Vacancy
MNEA-Retired - Greg Meyer, Nancy Copenhaver
MNEA Aspiring Educators - Max Hull
Minority-at-Large - Jane Sykes and Carmen Hill