Start Smart Teacher Handbook

Start Smart Start Smart is a 36-page handbook made specifically for beginning teachers. The first five years of your career in education can be a confusing, trying time. Missouri NEA is here to help you through the rough patches. The first step is to get your Start Smart Teacher Handbook.

This handbook is filled with resources and information to help beginning teachers succeed. Experienced educators helped produce the handbook. Topics include the following: 

  • Succeeding on the First Day
  • Managing Your Classroom
  • Time Management Tips
  • Working with Students with Disabilities
  • Assessing Successful Teaching Through Student Learning
  • Communicating with Parents
  • Building Appropriate Teacher-Student Relationships
  • Knowing Your Partners in Education
  • Helping Your Substitute Succeed
  • Using Technology and Social Media Safely
  • Reporting Suspected Child Abuse 
  • Supporting Your Career Growth
  • Maintaining Your Teaching Certificate
  • Student Loan Forgiveness
  • Avoiding Power Struggles
  • Technology Tools for Communicating with Students

To get a copy of the MNEA Start Smart Teacher Handbook, contact your regional MNEA office or log in below and download a pdf version. 

Other Beginning Teacher Resources 

Student Dues Rebate 

Were you an MNEA-Student member? When you become a teacher, continue your MNEA membership and you will receive a $20 rebate for every year you were a student member. Print a rebate form.

"I Can Do It" Beginning Teacher Assistance Program

Teacher certification in Missouri requires participation in a Beginning Teacher Assistance Program. MNEA and Maryville University have teamed up to offer a meaningful and convenient way for beginning teachers to receive a certificate verifying completion of this requirement. Attendees will also become a part of the Missouri NEA Beginning Teacher Network. Learn More >

MNEA Tuition Grant

Thanks to funding from Reliant Financial Services, MNEA members who are probationary teachers in their first five years of teaching can apply for a tuition grant toward the cost of a three-hour graduate course. Learn More >


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