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  Legislative Update                            
Legislative Update written by MNEA Legislative Director Otto Fajen is most active during the legislative session. Daily messages and weekly summaries are posted to keep the public up to date on the happenings of the Missouri General Assembly. When support is needed to pass or defeat a bill, Otto motivates members to contact legislators with Action Alerts.                            

  National Board Teachers & Candidates                            
National Board Certification Resources provides information and support to potential and current National Board candidates and teachers. The goal is to provide a communication forum to assist educators in determining whether and when to seek National Board Certification, to support development through the certification process and to exchange information on the impact of National Board Certification on professional life.                            

  Beginning Teacher Network                            
The Beginning Teacher Network supports beginning teachers throughout their first years of teaching. Through this network, MNEA Professional Practice Director shares ideas for successful teaching and association activities that may enhance teaching skills and help provide the foundation for a successful career as a professional educator.                            

  Educators Rising (Advisors for 7-12th grade Future Educator chapters)                            
Educators Rising is especially for Educators Rising Advisors and those interested in starting a chapter at their school. Educators Rising is an association of middle school and high school students who would like to have careers in education. MNEA's Teaching & Learning Director shares information about upcoming events, sign-up information, and student scholarships and competitions.                            

  MNEA-Retired (Members Only)                     
MNEA-Retired sends messages to MNEA-Retired members regarding member meetings, events, issues, legislation, and volunteer opportunities that may be of interest to retired members. The MNEA-R editor also sends the monthly JOLT newsletter and FOCUS published 3 times per year.



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