Certified Staff Professional Resources

Missouri NEA and NEA deliver the support you need to be successful in your career. Backed by the 3 million-member NEA, MNEA offers more to support your professional growth than any other education organization. This Member-Only Resource provides downloadable flyers, newsletters, e-books for teachers, counselors, librarians, and substitutes.

Get help writing your professional growth plan on a teaching standards indicator. MNEA compiled Marzano, Lemov, and Hattie strategies, which align with individual indicators, into a single downloadable document. 

Use MNEA’s Observation Log to record brief notes after an observation by your evaluator, however brief. These notes are valuable during follow-up discussions, especially if a summative conversation or document references that observation. 

If you have questions about any resources listed on this page, contact MNEA Professional Practice Director Samantha Hayes (samantha.hayes@mnea.org, (573) 644-9625).


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