Retirement Preparation Workshops

Ready? Set? Retire! 

PSRS/PEERS, Reliant Financial Retirement Planning Workshop

Are you getting close to retirement? Don't take the leap into retirement without proper planning.

Need some help planning for your future after working in public schools?  Register for this workshop to learn from PSRS/PEERS how your pension works and what you need to know and do before you retire to start receiving your pension. Hear about MNEA Member Benefits for retired members, and more!

Attend the free MNEA-endorsed retirement planning session before you commit.

6 key questions to consider when preparing for a successful retirement:
  1. How do I determine my best option with PSRS/PEERS?
  2. What factors should I consider when planning income for a comfortable retirement?
  3. How should my Investment Accounts be positioned for retirement?
  4. What are my Medical Insurance options?
  5. Do I need Long-Term and Short-Term Care insurance? What are the odds?
  6. What documents do I need for PSRS/PEERS and for retirement?

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