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Thank you for your continued membership with Missouri NEA.

We are stronger when you are connected! 

Staying connected means you'll stay seamlessly informed about the opportunities, education policy, and legislation unfolding within your Association and state. From exclusive professional practice resources designed to propel your career forward to leadership and networking opportunities to grow your organizing skills—it's all within reach.

Please review and update your information. You can expect to receive an Annual Dues Notification before Sept. 1, which will reflect any changes you make before then.   
Use this form if you are moving districts, changing your name, leaving public education, or need to request print publications. When we receive your new information, we'll update your membership record to ensure you are receiving the vital information you need and that you are a member of the correct local association. 


Report My Retirement
Please let us know if you are retiring before Aug. 1, 2024, so you are not charged dues next year. 


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If everything looks correct and there are no changes to your email address, employer, or mailing address, please let us know.