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Missouri NEA delivers the training you need to be successful in your career and as a local association leader. Backed by the 3 million-member NEA, MNEA offers more to support your professional growth than any other educational organization.

MNEA Learns online course library is just one aspect of helping educators grow within their chosen profession. MNEA Learns allows you to take courses and short trainings at your convenience. It even saves your progress, so if you did not complete your training, you can pick it up where you left off.

If you have questions about MNEA Learns, contact MNEA Teaching & Learning at (573) 644-9623 or (573) 644-9625.

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Not a member of MNEA? No worries. You can still use the MNEA Learns course library. It doesn't cost a penny to sign up and review the course listings. If you become a member of Missouri NEA in the future, we can update your account, so you will have full access to all the courses at free or reduced pricing. Furthermore, you will not lose the certificates that you earned taking courses as a non-member. Anyone can sign up to access courses on this branch of the portal. 

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