Member Benefits & Discounts

Just as you are devoted to education, Missouri NEA is devoted to members like you. We want to help you get the maximum value for your money at every stage of your life.

Thanks to the buying power of 32,000 Missouri NEA members and 3 million NEA members nationwide, you can save more than your dues by participating in these valuable money-saving programs.

Members and their families deserve the best. All programs are tailored to your needs with superior service being our top priority. Each program is carefully analyzed to ensure it meets MNEA’s and NEA’s rigorous standards for quality, value, and service.

Contact MNEA Member Benefits Manager Pam Koetting at or (573) 644-9601.

No dues dollars are used to provide these products to members.

The member benefits you receive with your MNEA membership is just one of the many reasons members say they stay with MNEA. Many members have reported by using their member benefits, they save more than the cost of their dues. Members receive discounts on everyday shopping, restaurants, movie tickets, hotels, travel, rental cars, auto-purchases, and reduced-cost, top-notch home and auto insurance.
More than 50 years of supporting members. NEA Member Benefits' enduring promise is to make NEA members’ lives better. Through our carefully vetted, best-in-class programs and services, as well as know-how and solutions, to help you be an empowered consumer. We are here to help you make the most of your membership every day. Plan for a secure future. Maximize your hard-earned dollars. Receive...
Want to save up to 50 percent on all your everyday purchases? Save at more than 700,000 locations nationwide. Find discounts at your favorite local restaurants, stores, and services. Find discounts on online purchases, hotels, condos, rental cars, entertainment, and other travel favorites. Download the free MY DEALS app to have discounts at your fingertips. My Deals allows you to access discounts...
It Pays to Belong Enjoy great savings with your membership program on more than 700,000 discounts that include local dining, retail, travel, online shopping, and more! Thousands of deals that are not available to the public. Log in below to start saving.
Help protect your family—at no cost to you— Register your beneficiaries. Every member receives up to $150,000 in Life and Accident Insurance at NO COST. NEA provides complimentary life insurance with your Missouri NEA membership. You’ll receive four levels of coverage $1,000 of life insurance. Up to $5,000 of Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage; $1,000 per year benefit up to maximum...