Who We Are

We are the teachers who inspire a love of learning. We help children learn to read, write, think, solve problems, and prepare for a future we cannot even imagine.

We are the bus drivers who safely bring children to school and back home.

We are the counselors who help students solve problems and assist in their preparation for college and vocational programs.

We are the custodians and the maintenance personnel who keep learning places clean and safe.

We are the coaches, musicians, and artists who teach children to shoot a basketball, play the trumpet, sing a song, and illustrate their ideas.

We are the school nurses who bandage skinned knees, teach children healthy life habits and provide the on-site medical services students require.

We are the library specialists who open the door to a world of information.

We are the cooks who prepare healthy meals and the secretaries who manage the office, answer the phones and respond to students’ and parents’ questions and concerns.

We are the professionals to whom our community entrusts its children every school day. We nurture and help them grow to be productive, contributing members of our changing society.

We are the support system that helps teachers teach.

We are the special education professionals who provide services for children with special needs.

We are the education employees who love children, the art and science of teaching, and the opportunity to make a lasting contribution to the community.

We are the faculty at higher education institutions who guide and challenge students in that final preparation for their careers.

We are college students studying to be teachers with dreams of making a difference in the lives of students.

We are people who care deeply about providing a quality public education for every child regardless of his or her zip code.

We are people who organize membership so that our voice will matter when lawmakers and others need to hear it.

We are the people who stand up for what we believe is best for the students entrusted to our care.

We are believers in democracy; professionalism; partnerships; collective action and advocacy; a just society; and equity, dignity, and respect for all.

We are Missouri NEA. 


Missouri NEA is affiliated with the 3 million-member National Education Association . The 32,000 members of the Missouri National Education Association are public school teachers, librarians, counselors, coaches, school psychologists and psychiatrists, administrators, and faculty in colleges and universities. We are proud to include among our membership all categories of education support...
Missouri NEA is here for you! MNEA's staff are experts in their program areas and can help your local association map out plans for electing school board members, developing professional trainings, recruiting members, communicating with the public about topics that matter to you, and negotiating salary, benefits, and working conditions. MNEA's leaders are members, just like you. Many have been...
Missouri NEA and NEA deliver the support you need to be successful in your career. Backed by the 3 million-member NEA, MNEA offers more to support your professional growth than any other education organization.
Take time to CELEBRATE! As educators, it seems we are always taking time to celebrate our students' successes, but we don't stop nearly enough to recharge. It is important to celebrate YOU, too. Did you know that the NEA is why we have many of the national education celebrations today? That's right. Your union helped form what we know as Read Across America, American Education Week, National...