MNEA Resolutions

Positions on topics related to public education that MNEA and our members feel are an important focus of the Association are found in the MNEA Resolutions. The MNEA Resolutions are will provide a general understanding of MNEA's beliefs, and are developed and updated annually by the MNEA Resolutions Committee.

Contact MNEA if you would like to know how you can become involved in effecting positive public education policy and legislation.

You can find MNEA positions on all the following in the MNEA Resolutions


MNEA Resolutions

  • Serve as the state voice for quality/visionary public education.
  • Advance the cause of education for all individuals.
  • Promote the health welfare of children and/or students.
  • Promote professional excellence among education employees. 
  • Gain recognition of the basic importance of the teacher in the learning process and other employees in the educational effort. 
  • Protect the rights of education professionals and advance their interests and welfare. 
  • Secure professional autonomy.
  • Unite education professionals for effective citizenship.
  • Promote and protect human and civil rights.
  • Obtain for its members the benefits of an independent, united education profession. 


NEA Advocating for change


How can you help?

You can help create a better future and support MNEA’s legislative effort by becoming an MNEA Education Advocate. 

Education Advocates commit to one or all of the following:

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