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MNEA members are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. The issues that unite them are protecting children and improving public education. These are the issues that drive MNEA’s and NEA’s candidate-recommendation process.

Because lawmakers’ decisions directly affect children and the education profession, MNEA needs to ensure that the candidates it supports measure up as advocates for public schools and the education employees who deliver the programs that shape America’s future. Candidates receive the recommendation of the MNEA-PAC by demonstrating a commitment to public education and upon the recommendation of local educators. For more information about the Missouri NEA Recommendation process please visit

How you vote is a personal decision; however, Missouri NEA leaders hope that, as you review the issues and positions of candidates, you will consider the recommendation of your fellow educators in the following elections.

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Recommended candidates mostly successful in April 2, 2019 election

Local associations recommended candidates in school board elections April 2, 2019. Missouri NEA local associations abide by a recommendation process that evaluates candidates based on their values, not party affiliation. They recommend candidates whose values closely align with MNEA's beliefs and legislative platform, which include protecting the rights of students and education employees; ensuring every student has a qualified, caring teacher; and investing in public education so teachers have the tools they need to help drive student success.

The following is the outcome of the April 2 election for the recommended pro-public education candidates.

Bayless NEA
Yes on Proposition 1 PASSED
Blue Springs NEA
Rhonda Gilstrap WIN
Bobby Haw WIN
Carthage NEA
Wayne Jones (MNEA Member) WIN
Justin Baucom Lost
Center NEA
Yes on Center School District #58 Bond Election Question 1 PASSED
Ron Fritz WIN
Sam Cook Lost
Clayton NEA
Stacy Siwak WIN
Joe Miller WIN
Yes on Proposition E WIN
Columbia MNEA
Blake Willoughby WIN
Dr. Della Streaty-Wilhoit WIN
Ferg-Flor NEA
Dr Sheila Powell-Walker WIN
Leslie Hogshead WIN
Carole Yount WIN
Judy Smith WIN
Yes on Proposition S Lost w/54.7%, needed 57.14%
Fort Zumwalt EA
#4 Garvis M. Pollard, Jr. Lost
#1 Mike Swaringim WIN
Hazelwood NEA and SDNEA
Zella Williams WIN
Hickman Mills NEA
Cecil Elliott Wattree Lost
Tramise Carter WIN
Jefferson College NEA
Ronald Scaggs WIN
Krystal Hargis WIN
Robert Vittoe Lost
Lee's Summit NEA
Mike Allen WIN
Judy Hedrick WIN
Meramec Valley NEA
Tim Richardson WIN
Laura Riegler Lost
Louis Vondera WIN
Mount Vernon R-V Schools
Nathan Schoen WIN
Kerry Hodgson WIN
Yes on Proposition Mt. Vernon Strong Lost w/56.5%, needed 57.14
North Kansas City - NEA
Judy Wartick WIN
Terry Ward WIN
Parkway NEA
Pamela (Pam) Hill WIN
Sam Sciortino WIN
Pattonville NEA
Ruth Petrov WIN
Mary Kay Campbell WIN
Ray-Pec NEA
Bill Lowe WIN
Aaron Howlett WIN
Raytown NEA
Bobbie Saulsberry WIN
LaShonda Orkes Lost
Yes on Question 1 (Bond) PASSED
Yes on Question 2 (Levy) PASSED
Rockwood NEA
Loralee Mondl WIN
Azra Ahmad Lost
Sarah Lamer WIN
Carmen Xavier Lost
Springfield NEA
Charles Taylor WIN
Shurita Tate-Thomas Lost
Alina Lehnert WIN
Yes on Proposition S PASSED
St. Joseph NEA
Prop 2 WIN
St. Louis Community
College NEA
Anne Marshall (District 3) WIN
Troy NEA
Warren County NEA
Ginger Schenk WIN
Wentzville NEA
"Shane" Lann Lost
Dale Schaper WIN
Webster Groves
Proposition E PASSED


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