MNEA Retirement Declaration Form

We hate to see you go!

Congratulations on your retirement.  

You have worked hard and your commitment and dedication deserve recognition. Missouri NEA will be recognizing members who are retiring this school year in the summer issue of the member publication. Please complete this form by April 15 to appear in the print publication. 

Please follow the steps below and submit your form before August 15 to avoid being charged full dues next year. 

Need help? Call MNEA at 1-800-392-0236. 

Step 1: Update your contact information.

If you do not know your Member ID, please call 1-800-392-0236. 
I am retiring from the following school district:
Would you like your retirement announcement to be published in the Something Better magazine?
To appear in the print publication Something Better, submit this form by April 15.


Step 2: Carefully read the paragraphs in the box below. Then, sign and date indicating agreement and authorization.

I will be retired from education as of the date I list below. Please discontinue my active membership with Missouri NEA. I understand that when I cancel my membership, I will no longer have access to any member benefits, including the $4 million employment liability coverage and consultations with MNEA legal and UniServ staff. 

I understand that if I join MNEA-Retired, I will receive the following benefits.
  • MNEA-Retired membership will ensure you keep your liability insurance if and when you return to the classroom as a substitute teacher. Your membership guarantees $4 million employment liability coverage as a retired educator for up to 550 hours per year in public schools.
  • Continue your legal assistance benefit for your personal legal matters such as wills and estate planning, consumer protection, domestic relations, and traffic violations. Members receive a 30 percent discount on services that exceed the two free 30-minute consultations per year.
  • Have you purchased life, Medicare supplement, auto or home owner's insurance through NEA Member Benefits? To keep your benefits, you must be a member. You also now have the time to take advantage of all the travel benefits and discounts on everyday purchases and online shopping.
  • With your MNEA-R membership, leaders and staff will keep you posted on legislative efforts that affect your PSRS/PEERS and social security benefits.
Use your mouse or finger (for touch screen users) to draw your signature above. 

Once submitted you will receive an email receipt and see a green checkmark. If your form does not submit, review the above fields to see if all information has been filled out completely. A red error message will display next to the field if you need to provide more information.

Need help with your form submission? Call MNEA at 1-800-392-0236.