NEA Convention

Minneapolis, MN
June 30-July 5, 2018

Congratulations on your election as a delegate to the NEA Convention – especially those of you attending for the first time.  Those of us who have had the privilege of attending a convention before know that it is the best way to see the democracy of the NEA in action!

All NEA Convention delegates must register by May 14. You can pay online by credit/debit card or send a check. If you do not have Internet access, call Pam Koetting at (573) 644-9601 to register. 

IMPORTANT: Click here  
to view a delegate roster listing all State, Local and Cluster delegates on file.  If you see any errors – someone who is not on the list and should be or vice versa – call Jeanna Machon or Pam Koetting at 800-392-0236 IMMEDIATELY. 

Click here for a basic agenda of the events leading up to and during the NEA Representative Assembly. 

State delegates

Missouri’s state delegate allocation will be made based on membership as of January 2018. State delegates are elected in two categories. Category I delegates are teachers, education support professionals and other members not serving as administrators. Category II delegates are administrators and others serving in supervisory positions that include evaluation of employees. Missouri qualified for 24 teacher/ESP delegates and one delegate slot for an administrator. The MNEA Vice President fills one state delegate slot.

Student delegates will be elected via electronic ballot in March. Retired delegates will be elected at their Annual Meeting in April. We must continue to work for the identification and election of minority candidates to serve as delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly. Missouri NEA is proud that we have met our 3-1(g) goal for 20 years.

Ex officio delegates

Ex officio delegates serve by virtue of the statewide office to which they've been elected, such as MNEA President and NEA Directors.

Local Delegates

Local delegates are elected by the members of a local affiliate, with one delegate per 150 members, or a greater portion thereof. (Any local with 76 or more members is eligible for at least one local delegate). Presidents of locals eligible to send local delegates will receive information via email from NEA regarding local elections in early February. Members should contact their local presidents to learn the procedures, timelines and reimbursement procedures for local delegates.

Cluster delegates

Cluster delegates are elected by members of several locals who have networked to attain the minimum 76 members required for delegate eligibility. Members interested in being elected as cluster delegates should contact Jeanna Machon at 573-644-9623. Cluster delegate elections are conducted during March and April.

MNEA-Retired delegates

MNEA-Retired members elect delegates from their membership to represent them at the NEA R.A. Only MNEA-Retired members may nominate, vote for and serve as retired delegates. Election of the MNEA-R delegates will be held at the MNEA-R annual meeting on April 20. Contact Tracy Flaherty ( at (636) 565-7103 for more information. 

MNEA-R Declaration of Candidacy Form >> 
(deadline to be listed on ballot is April 6)

MNEA-Student delegates

The number of delegates allocated for MNEA-Student group will be determined based on the number of student members in the state. Only student members may nominate, vote for and serve as student delegates. Contact MNEA at 1-800-392-0236 if you are a MNEA-Student member and interested in becoming a delegate. 

MNEA-Student Declaration of Candidacy Form >>


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Read to Achieve Contest 

If your school is within the KCTV5 viewing area (greater Kansas City), teachers at your school are eligible for a chance to win $1,000. The Read to Achieve contest is co-sponsored by Missouri NEA and Kansas NEA.

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