Who does your local recommend in the April School Board Election?

Report your recommendations to Missouri NEA by Feb. 19. 

The Missouri School Board Election is Tues., April 2, 2024.

To report candidates recommended by your local association, please send the name of the school district and recommendations to MNEA by submitting the Candidate Recommendation Form below. 

Please contact MNEA Political Director Elizabeth Zerr at elizabeth.zerr@mnea.org or (573) 644-9610 if you have any questions about the recommendation funding or PAC contributions. 

Candidate Recommendation Form 

Submit by Feb. 19, 2024
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Recommendation Details

Please provide the name of candidates your local is recommending. Please note it is not necessary for your local recommend a candidate for all seats.

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Campaign Assistance
MNEA locals often work to inform members and the general public about their recommended candidates. Would you like the MNEA Political Director to contact you about any of the following? (check all that apply)