SB 727 Jeopardizes the Education and Well-Being of Countless Missouri Students



Missouri National Education Association Joins Coalition Urging General Assembly to Reconsider SB 727

SB 727 jeopardizes the education and well-being of countless Missouri students.


JEFFERSON CITY, MO — The Missouri National Education Association (MNEA), in partnership with a coalition of public education advocacy groups, has officially expressed its opposition to Senate Bill 727 (SB 727) in a letter addressed to members of the Missouri General Assembly*. The coalition, which includes educators, school administrators, and board members, urges the legislature to rethink the proposed voucher expansion and the opening of charter schools in Boone County without local board approval.


The coalition's primary concern is that SB 727 will funnel resources from students in public schools to private schools without sufficient oversight or accountability. "We cannot ignore how SB 727 risks pulling vital resources from our public schools, jeopardizing the education and well-being of countless Missouri students," stated Dr. Patrick Layden, Executive Director of Missouri NEA.


While recognizing some positive revisions during the Senate's deliberation, the coalition underscores the bill's potential to impose undue financial burdens on local school districts, possibly necessitating tax increases or cuts to essential educational services. The fiscal note attached to the perfected bill, predicting a $467 million increase in state costs upon full implementation, further amplifies these concerns, especially considering anticipated revenue reductions from tax cuts.


Dr. Layden emphasized, “The unfunded mandates in SB 727 threaten to undercut our public schools and deprive our students of necessary resources. We urge lawmakers to reconsider this bill for the betterment of Missouri's students.” The letter emphasizes the coalition's desire to work with the Missouri General Assembly to develop solutions focused on students' needs.



*A copy of the coalition’s letter can be found at this link.
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The 32,000-member MNEA represents teachers, education support professionals, college faculty, retired teachers, and students studying to be teachers in school districts and on college campuses throughout the state. It is the Missouri affiliate of the three-million-member NEA.  




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SB 727 expands the existing tax credit voucher enacted in 2021 and authorizes the establishment of charter schools in any district in Boone County without sponsorship by the local school board. The Association recognizes that some positive provisions were added during Senate floor action but remains opposed to the bill. Read More >

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