Apply now to serve on an MNEA Committee in 2022-2023

Missouri NEA is truly the members’ organization.

MNEA is a true grassroots organization governed by its members. Holding membership at the local, state, and national levels, MNEA members have influence at every level where important education decisions are made.

Missouri NEA has seven standing committees and three advisory committees—each with specific functions to help develop and/or carry out Missouri NEA's programs. Members of two of the standing committees must be elected. Except as otherwise noted, committee members, committee chairs, and board liaisons are appointed by the MNEA President with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors. Most MNEA committees meet three or four times during the school year.

Committee appointments will be made this summer. You may be contacted before then regarding your application request. 

Committees generally meet three times each year on “Committee Saturdays.” The Credentials Committee meets in conjunction with the fall and spring meetings of the Representative Assembly. Expenses for attending committee meetings are reimbursed per MNEA guidelines.

2022 Committee Volunteer Form

Deadline to submit requests: July 15, 2022


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I wish to be considered for an appointment to a Missouri NEA Standing Committee.

You are allowed to choose up to three (3) committees. 

Please put a checkmark in the committees that you would be willing to serve. Then, select a weight for your choices with "1" being your first, "2" being your second, and "3" being your third choice. 

Standing Committees Weight
Bylaws & Rules
Communications & Membership Advisory
Human Rights
Member Benefits
Teaching & Learning
Women's Issues

Committee Descriptions

Bylaws & Rules: Reviews and recommends revisions to the Association’s Bylaws; presents recommendations to the spring Representative Assembly. Reviews local bylaws for compliance with NEA and MNEA affiliation standards. Reviews standing rules, presents recommendations to the Representative Assembly. Enforces MNEA candidate election rules.

Credentials: Certifies delegates at the Representative Assembly and supervises the elections at those meetings. Requires attendance at both Representative Assembly meetings.

Human Rights: Surveys and shares information that will improve and protect the rights of school populations; works to develop action-oriented Human Relations Committees in local affiliates.

  • Coordinates programs and activities to attract and increase minority involvement in the Association within all minority categories: American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian and Pacific Islander, Black, and Hispanic.
  • Provides training and workshops in gender equity and women’s leadership skills. Is responsible for collecting and disseminating information in the areas of women’s health and well-being. Promotes awareness of women in history.
  • Monitors the HOPE (Humanitarian Outreach for Public Education) Fund 

Legislative/Resolutions: Researches, outlines and presents a legislative platform to the November meeting of the Representative Assembly. Reviews and recommends revisions to the Association’s Resolutions; presents recommendations to the spring Representative Assembly.

Member Benefits: Reviews existing programs and products, reviews new programs and products, and makes recommendations to the MNEA Board of Directors regarding the termination, continuation, or addition of offerings that add value and are appropriate for the general membership. The committee also offers recommendations on strategies to enhance member awareness of their benefits. 

Communications and Membership Advisory: Works to establish effective public relations committees in local affiliates and reviews membership trends in the state. The Committee will assist locals in networking public relations ideas and enhancing the image of the Association and education employees. The Committee makes recommendations regarding membership strategies for local recruitment and retention success.

Teaching & Learning: Designs and coordinates programs to address current instructional and professional development issues.

Women’s Issues: Analyzes emerging challenges facing women in the education workplace and recommends strategies for NEA to understand in addressing these challenges in partnership with labor allies. Reviews efforts to address gender equity issues and lack of access to STEM/STEAM opportunities for girls and recommend partnerships and strategies for Association engagement in these specific practices. Provides input to the national Joint Conference on Concerns of Minorities and Women Planning Committee through the WIC chair. Develop recommendations that are aligned with NEA’s two strategic goals: Strong Affiliates for Educator Voice and Empowerment, and Empowered Educators for Successful students, where appropriate. Review the MNEA Women’s History Month poster and make recommendations.