Positions & Resolutions

Positions on topics related to public education that MNEA and our members feel are an important focus of the Association are found in the MNEA Resolutions. The MNEA Resolutions are will provide a general understanding of MNEA's beliefs, and are developed and updated annually by the MNEA Resolutions Committee.

Contact MNEA if you would like to know how you can become involved in effecting positive public education policy and legislation.

You can find MNEA positions on all the following in the MNEA Resolutions


MNEA Resolutions

  • Collective Bargaining
  • High Stakes Testing
  • Charter Schools
  • Professional Compensation
  • Teacher Certification
  • Planning Time 
  • Safe Schools and the Health Welfare of Children
  • Privatization and Subcontracting
  • Protecting Your Pension Benefits 
  • Tenure
  • Teacher Evaluation
  • Merit Pay
  • The Right to Vote


NEA's Smart & Just Policies