Join MNEA-Retired

Join MNEA-Retired before Sept. 1, and rest assured that you will be covered by $4 million liability protection and the 3 million member NEA while working in the public schools post-retirement.

Did you know you DO NOT need to be retired to join as a lifetime pre-retired member? Join anytime during your career, pay now, and just let us know when you retire. Your lifetime Retired membership will kick in, so you never lose your benefits.

Choose to join as either of the following: 

  1. Lifetime Member ($500 certified or $380 classified), which can be paid one time, or broken down into either 20 payments over two years or 10 payments over one year. You can join as a lifetime pre-retired member any time during your education career. 
  2. Annual Member ($75 certified or $61 classified). The membership year is Sept. 1-Aug. 31. You would need to renew every year. 

You may be retiring from your career in education, but we know that many of you are still living the good fight for public schools. Public education and educators face challenges that require the resolve and support of its members -- all of its members, both active and retired. NEA needs your support, wisdom, and leadership to forge a path forward. Joining Missouri NEA-Retired gives you the opportunity to remain engaged on important issues facing students, education, and educators.

If you would like to talk to someone about membership, contact Olivia Compton at (417) 569-1402 or by email at

Retiring this school year? Let us know >>


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Retiring this school year? 
Let us know >>

Join MNEA-Retired

Don't wait until you retire to join.

You can join pre-retired at any time, even while you are still receiving a paycheck from your school district. In essence, you can "pre-pay" for your MNEA Lifetime Retired membership, and it will just roll over when you notify us that you have retired.

For a one-time lifetime subscription fee of $500 or $75 annually, MNEA-Retired membership provides:

  • $4 million liability-protection policy when substituting in the public schools (up to 550 hours a year). 
  • Membership in a powerful, active, retiree organization that understands the value of public education.
  • A subscription to the informative, high-quality quarterly NEA Today for NEA-Retired Members, Something Better, and pre-retirement planning information to give you a head start on enjoying a financially secure retirement.
  • Leadership opportunities including voting and holding office in your retired organization and participation in literacy, mentoring, early career educator, and lobbying projects.
  • Continuing membership keeps you eligible for NEA Member Benefits:
    • Liability Insurance 
    • MNEA Member Benefits
    • Long-Term Care Insurance
    • Medicare Supplemental Insurance
    • Financial Planning & Credit programs
    • Two free 30-minute legal consultations per year for personal matters
    • Discounts on Restaurants, Travel & Entertainment  

Join Now 

or complete the enrollment form and mail it to MNEA-Retired, 1810 E Elm St., Jefferson City, MO 65101.

Contact Olivia Compton at (417) 569-1402 or by email at