Deadline to submit MNEA RA delegates and alternates

submission deadline

MNEA local associations elect delegates and alternates to represent their members at the MNEA Representative Assembly. The delegates vote on business items, MNEA Resolutions, elect officers, approve budgets, and conduct other miscellaneous business of the state association.

The form to report delegates can be found in the Timeline for Action, or delegates can be submitted online below.

Delegates should register for the MNEA RA activities (including pre-RA discussions) and download the RA packet. The delegate packet containing information about the R.A. will be available online 30 days prior to the RA. Find more information about the RA at

For more information, contact Roxane Bly at or (573) 644-9606.

Manager of Enterprise Operations: Pam Koetting ( 644-9601)
Executive Administrative Assistant: Roxane Bly ( 644-9606)

Delegate and Alternate Reporting Form (Spring RA)

Please use this form to report delegates and alternates for the MNEA Representative Assembly. 

Deadline to report delegates and alternates: March 15


Local Information


Your Contact Information 

(person submitting the form)



Membership Details

The number of delegates is based on how many members are in your local association. Your local is entitled to 1 delegate per 50 members or a major fraction thereof.


Delegates and Alternates

Please provide the names of the delegates for your local association, writing each name on a separate line. 
Please provide the names of the alternates for your local association, writing each name on a separate line.