Top Takeaways: MNEA MACCE Meeting Report (September 2023)

September 2023 MACCE Meeting


  1. What is MACCE?

The Missouri Advisory Council of Certification for Educators, established in statute, is a council made up of 25 members–15 of which are active public school classroom teachers (168.015 RSMo). The responsibilities of MACCE are as follows: 

(1) Making recommendations for the criteria and procedures whereby the quality and effectiveness of teacher and school administrator education programs within the state shall be evaluated;

(2) Making recommendations for the requirements for the certification of public-school teachers and administrators;

(3) Making recommendations for the standards for renewal of certificates for public school teachers and administrators using academic course work as well as other types of professional development;

(4) Making recommendations concerning rules and regulations with respect to suspension and revocation of certificates of license to teach;

(5) Requesting and receiving reports from committees consisting of representatives from various professional groups, qualified in respective curriculum areas and other specialized areas, to assist in the formulation of recommendations of the advisory committee to the commissioner of education with respect to certification of public-school teachers and administrators;

(6) Making recommendations for limiting the issuance of temporary certificates that are granted to those who do not meet the full requirements for certification.

  1. Who are your MNEA Representatives?

  • Paul Aubrey - North Kansas City Public Schools - High School Journalism Teacher

  • Lisa Baldwin - North Kansas City Public Schools - Elementary Teacher 

  • Francine Hill - Francis Howell School District - Elementary Multilingual Learner Specialist/Educator

  • Jacqueline McGill - Ritenour School District - Elementary Teacher

  • Cary Sikes - Springfield Public Schools - Elementary Teacher

  • Dr. Alexander Tai - Columbia Public Schools - High School English Multilingual Learner Specialist/Educator 

MNEA is grateful to each of these incredible members for representing MNEA members on this prestigious appointment at the state-level! Thank you for all that you do!

  1. MNEA Member, Dr. Alexander Tai to Chair MACCE for the 2024-2025 School Year!

Dr. Alexander Tai has been elected the Chair of MACCE for the 2024-2025 School Year! Congratulations, Dr. Tai!

  1. DESE September 2023 Updates for MACCE 

  • Gifted Education Certificate Subcommittee Report 

  • Certification Updates 

  • Substitute Certificate

  • Provisional Certificate

  • Temporary Authorization Certificate

  • American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE)

  • Superintendent Recommendation

  • Paraprofessional Requirements

  • Certification Rule Change Process

  • Educator Preparation Updates 

  • Content Assessments

  • Missouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA)

  • State Assessment Fee Waiver

  • Performance Assessments

  • Teacher Apprenticeships

  • APR Changes

  • The Path Forward

  • Phase II Blue Ribbon Commission

  • Recommendations

  • Master Teacher Certificate


MNEA believes that every student and educator deserves the best experience possible in schools. That is why we are the only educational organization that is consistently present at every meeting of DESE, the state board of education, and the Missouri Legislature. We are your eyes and ears where decisions are being made about your schools when you cannot be.

The next meeting of the Missouri Advisory Council for the Certification of Educators will be held virtually on December 4, 2023. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Samantha Hayes at 800-392-0236 or