Teacher Recruitment and Retention Survey

Your response will influence future policy and recommendations made by the Blue Ribbon Commission. 

The Missouri State Board of Education commissioned the Blue Ribbon Commission in the summer of 2022 to study teacher recruitment and retention in response to the teacher shortage. During Phase I, the Blue Ribbon Commission made recommendations to the Missouri General Assembly prior to the 2023 legislative session, which has already influenced bill creation regarding teacher salary and other matters.

Now, it’s your turn!
The Blue Ribbon Commission is currently in Phase II, which specifically studies the culture, climate, and working conditions in Missouri’s public schools as it relates to teacher recruitment and retention. The next meeting of the Blue Ribbon Commission is May 19 in Jefferson City.

Your voice matters!
The Commission will review comments from practicing educators. Help them understand your perspective around what is needed to create positive school culture. Give them examples of what you and your colleagues do to cultivate a positive school climate. List the working conditions that inspire you and your students to succeed, and the conditions, attitudes, and climate that stand in the way of GREAT PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

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There are only two practicing teachers on the Commission at this time; the majority of the commission members are Missouri business leaders and politicians (view the member list).

MNEA is gathering input from all educators to enlighten the Commission’s understanding of the day-to-day life of Missouri educators. Complete THIS SURVEY by May 5. But don’t stop there. Share this survey with your colleagues, so they can share their stories as well.

What you say now may help shape policy regarding school culture, climate, and working conditions for Missouri educators. Your comments will be influencing the recommendations the Blue Ribbon Commission  makes to the Missouri Legislature and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Thank you for your time. Your voice is vital to the future of public education in Missouri.

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