Season of Justice 2021

Virtual series offers NEA members an opportunity to effect change. 


The Center for Social Justice is pleased to announce NEA’s Season of Justice, virtual engagements running between June and August, designed to deepen knowledge, build connections, and engage the collective in creating a country that is free, safe, and just for every man, woman, and child. Through music, art, and recognition, we will celebrate the triumphs and the champions leading the movement of justice for all.

Core components that makeup NEA’s Season of Justice 2021: 

June 1-3 | LGBTQ+ Virtual Engagements

June 13-16 | NEA Committee Hearings

June 14-15 | Conference of Racial and Social Justice

June 29 | NEA Human and Civil Rights Awards

July 26 - Aug. 16 | Summer Justice Series

During NEA’s Season of Justice (June through August), we: 

  • Build local power: We spark dialog about our successes and challenges to inform our own strategies and tactics to grow the movement for education justice. 
  • Look to the future: We make space for innovative ideas and map the road to the long-term change we seek for our students, schools, and our communities. 
  • Center intersectionality: We uplift the intersections of social justice, identity, and democracy in the movement for education justice. 
  • Build community: We create an engaging, fun, and inviting space for new and long-standing attendees in the community. 

The impacts of the pandemic and violence against AAPI, Black, Brown and LGBTQ+ communities underscore the need to eradicate institutional racism and systemic injustice. NEA’s Season of Justice provides an opportunity to go deep into the people, places, and policies fighting for communities that are safe and just, healthy, and strong, and governed by the people, for the people.

As the world continues to open up, so must our minds. This is our opportunity to build together a just society where all, regardless of race, place, country of origin, can thrive. We will not return to business as usual, because business as usual only worked for the wealthy and well connected. It is about rewriting the rules to make this a country where all can prosper. During NEA’s Season of Justice, we are coming together - Black, Brown, AAPI and White, LGBTQ+, Native, and newcomer- toward communities where all can live, learn, and thrive. 


LGBTQ+ Pride Virtual Engagements 

June 1 (7-8 PM) | Pride Kickoff 
June 2 (7-8 PM) | LGBTQ+ Legal Landscape 
June 3 (7-8 PM) | Pride: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: An Intergenerational Conversation on the Importance of LGBTQ+ Pride
June 3 (8-8:30 PM) | Virtual DJ Dance Party

NEA Committee Hearings

June 13 (7-8:30 PM) | Women's Issues Committee Hearing
June 15 (7-8:30 PM) | Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Committee Hearing
June 16 (7-8:30 PM) | Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee Hearing

Conference on Racial and Social Justice 

June 14 (5 PM) | Day 1 of Virtual Festival of Inspiration, Reflection, and Joy
June 15 (5 PM) | Day 2 of Virtual Festival of Inspiration, Reflection, and Joy

NEA Human and Civil Rights Awards

June 29 (7 PM) | Out of Struggle, Comes Progress: Grounded in Our History, Igniting Our Future

Summer Justice Series 

Week of July 26 | Transforming Policing Policies for Safe and Just Communities
Week of Aug. 2 | Healthy and Strong Communities and Schools 
Week of Aug. 9 | Empowering Communities and Schools
Week of Aug. 16 | Ensuring the Right to Vote for Black, Brown, Native, and AAPI Voters

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