Missouri Salary Reports: Where does your school district rank?


What will you find in the report?
The 2022-2023 Salary Benchmarks & Rankings (pub. Feb. 2023) report is dedicated to the salary schedule structure of education support professionals and teachers. 

  • ESP minimum and maximum hourly wages by position (more positions can be found in CompTracker).
  • Teacher salary min, mid, & max benchmarks detailing the number of steps it takes to reach the maximum salary.
  • Teacher salary is ranked by size according to student enrollment.
  • Teacher salary is ranked by region.
  • Paid leave benefits for teachers in each school district.
  • Health insurance premium costs by school district and average premium costs by plan design.

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Salary Benchmarks


The 2021-22 Missouri Salary Rankings (pub. Jan 2023) report details the average salaries of teachers, administrators, and superintendents, and ranks them (highest to lowest) within the state of Missouri. In sections II and III, you will find school districts categorized by student enrollment size and region for quick comparisons. This report also contains average salaries for charter schools.

On the first page of the report, find the national teacher average salary, Missouri teacher average salary, as well as how Missouri ranks nationally according to the NEA Rankings and Estimates report. 

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Salary Rankings