HOPE Grant

Through its Humanitarian Outreach Project for Education Fund, Missouri NEA assists members, students, and schools.

The HOPE Fund is designed to provide relief to victims of natural disasters; relief to the poor, distressed or underprivileged; and research and implementation of projects that address critical needs in education.

The HOPE fund also provides financial assistance for educational-related supplies to schools that have been damaged or destroyed by fire or natural disasters.

Requests for assistance should be made by a current Missouri NEA member and directed to MNEA President by completing the application form.

Deadline: Grants will be reviewed upon submission.

HOPE Grants — maximum $500

The HOPE fund is one of the projects of the HCR (Human, Civil Rights) Committee.

Application Process

A HOPE fund application must be received and approved by the MNEA president, MNEA vice president, or MNEA executive director, in that order, before an award of money will be made from the HOPE Fund.

Application criteria

  • Hardship and special circumstances.
  • Extracurricular fees, needs, and school-related expenses.
  • Natural disasters.

Applicant/Sponsor Contact Information 

(Must be a member of Missouri NEA.) 

Sponsor/Applicant Name
Sponsor Address
If the applicant receives a grant, the check will be mailed to this address.

Recipient Information

Grant Recipient is a...
Previously received a HOPE grant?
School District/Local Association
Grade Level


Project Details

Awards are limited to $500.
Describe the purpose of the request in detail. Applications without adequate descriptions may be denied.
How will the check be presented? 
Please provide the full name of the person to which the check should be made payable to. 
Check Mailing Address