Public Relations Grant Application

2021-2022MNEA logo

Deadline: Sept. 10, 2021

MNEA Public Relations Grants – maximum $300. 
Amount requested:  $

Local Association: 

Local President: 

Size of Association: 

Project Coordinator:  





E-mail address:  

Title of project:   
Note: Consider submitting a Read Across America campaign plan for P.R. grant funding.

Description of project:
(Please be specific. Projects should be designed to raise awareness of the association and its members in your school, district or community. How will you do this? How will you feature the association name and logo in your project? Who is your target audience with this project?)

How will this grant help you meet one or more of the following? (Check all that apply.) 

Please explain:

How will you share your project with MNEA when completed: (Please be specific.)

Projected expenses:
(Please be specific.)

Project completion date:     
(Sharing P.R. projects is an important part of the Association’s communications effort. As part of your P.R. project, please submit a video, a slideshow or a notebook to MNEA Communications to be used at state Association events or posted on the website. Also, please post news of your event along with photos to MNEA’s Facebook page. Final project funds will not be sent without a final presentation.)

Evaluation: (Please describe how you will evaluate the success of your project in meeting target goals.)

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