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It Takes a Village: Building School, Family and Community Partnerships

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The research is clear. Parental involvement is the number one predictor of student achievement. Knowing this, we as educators must make every effort to create partnerships with parents, families and community resources. Several states already require schools to have parental involvement programs. While there is currently no mandate in Missouri, the climate clearly encourages partnership initiatives on the part of districts, schools and teachers. Parental involvement programs can be part of comprehensive school improvement plans or implemented by individual teachers.

This 3-credit class is built upon School, Family, and Community Partnerships (2011), the seminal work of Joyce L. Epstein. Epstein is a principle research scientist and research professor of sociology at John Hopkins University and director of the Center on School, Family, and Community Partnerships and the National Network of Partnership Schools. The course gives participants a research-based framework for establishing school-family-community partnerships, the tools to increase involvement on a classroom level, and the foundation to establish school-wide programs that benefit everyone. Participants investigate the six different types of involvement, discuss the benefits and challenges associated with each, and examine examples and strategies that educators can implement.

Required text:
School, Family, and Community Partnerships (2011) by Joyce L. Epstein.

Due to page and format differences between hard copies and electronic copies of the book, the Kindle version is NOT recommended.

Credit: 3 graduate credit hours             

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