Thomas R. Brown Athletics Grant

Sponsored by California Casualty.

Give your athletes a sporting chance with a Thomas R. Brown Athletics Grant from California Casualty, Missouri NEA Auto & Home Insurance Program provider.

MNEA members can apply for a $1,000 grant to support their middle/high school sports program(s) impacted by reduced budgets. 

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Founded in 1914, and endorsed as a member benefit partner to MNEA since 1996, California Casualty offers MNEA members personalized auto and home/renters insurance with special rates, generous discounts, superior service and unique education-specific policy features.

California Casualty Auto Insurance includes a Waived Deductible if your vehicle is hit or vandalized while parked at school, school administrative office, or education association office. Plus your rate is locked in for 12 months (vs. usual 6 months) with flexible payment plans, including EZ Pay with summer skip.

California Casualty Homeowners & Renters Insurance offers Fundraising Money Coverage to safeguard fundraising efforts with a $0 deductible for goods/funds valued up to $500 while under your care at school. It also provides $3,000 Personal Property Coverage for personal property used at work, including instructional materials and laptops.

Quote online or call 1-877-776-0874 to talk to a California Casualty insurance advisor.