PR Grant Deadline

Grow your local P.R. program with an MNEA grant.

Local associations across the state have the opportunity to implement their ideas for spreading good news about public education with a financial boost from Missouri NEA.

This year’s grant application deadline is Sept. 10. Grant winners will be notified in October. MNEA’s public relations grant program is a project of the Association’s Public Relations Committee. Grants of up to $300 are awarded for Read Across America projects and other projects that work toward the following goals:

  • Increase MNEA’s visibility in the community.
  • Build support for public education.
  • Support local association public relations efforts.
  • Improve the image of teachers.

All grant recipients will receive half of their money in the fall and the other half once they’ve completed the project and filed a project report. Grant recipients are also asked to design a means of evaluating the grant project.

For more information, contact Mark Jones at (573) 644–9609 or

Deadline: Sept. 10, 2021

MNEA Public Relations Grants — maximum $300.



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Project Details

How will this grant help you meet one or more of the following?

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(Please be specific. Projects should be designed to raise awareness of the association and its members in your school, district, or community. How will you do this? How will you feature the association name and logo in your project? Who is your target audience with this project?)
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Sharing P.R. projects is an important part of the Association’s communications effort. As part of your P.R. project, please submit a video, a slideshow, or a notebook to MNEA Communications to be used at state Association events or posted on the website. Also, please post news of your event along with photos to MNEA’s Facebook page. Final project funds will not be sent without a final presentation.

(Please be specific.)

(Please describe how you will evaluate the success of your project in meeting target goals.)