Micro-Credential PLC: Developing LGBTQ Anti-Bias Curriculum

Developing LGBTQ Anti-Bias Curriculum

Meeting late summer/early fall 2023

Registration due: Aug. 18
Cost: Free for MNEA members, $75 for non-members


“A micro-credential is a short, competency-based recognition. NEA offers over 175 micro-credentials that have been created by educators for educators.” (NEA)

Nothing great is ever done alone so MNEA is offering a Micro-Credential Professional Learning Community (PLC) to work on the Developing LGBTQ Anti-Bias Curriculum summer micro-credential. This is a micro-credential offered during the summer because it does not require students to collect evidence in order to support the successful completion of the credential.

This micro-credential and PLC work is for any educator who wishes to use anti-bias curriculum resources that are inclusive of LGBTQ issues.

The PLC will meet virtually 5-6 times to collaborate and guide your work through the micro-credential. These PLC meetings will be led by an MNEA facilitator. 

To view the whole Developing LGBTQ Anti-Bias Curriculum Micro-Credential in its entirety, CLICK HERE

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In the state of Missouri, 1 Micro-Credential counts toward 15 professional development contact hours (5 CSR 20-400.260). Teachers in Missouri must have the following professional development hours for each classification of certificate: 

  • Initial Professional Classification (IPC): “30 contact hours” (during the first 4 years of the IPC) 
  • Career Continuous Professional Classification (CCPC): “15 contact hours of professional development per school year.”

If you have any questions about this program, contact Laurie Bernskoetter (laurie.bernskoetter@mnea.org, (573) 644-9623.) or Samantha Hayes (samantha.hayes@mnea.org, (573) 644-9625).

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