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Missouri NEA dues payment authorization form should be completed by all active members annually. Great news! ALL members who complete the authorization process AND are enrolled to pay dues by bank draft or recurring credit card by Sept. 1, 2017 will be entered in a $500 drawing to be held on Oct. 1, 2017.

*** If you already pay your dues by bank draft or credit card, all you need to do is complete this MNEA authorization form. ***

If you need to make a change to your account or credit card information for next year, upon completion of this authorization form, you will be directed to the NEA eDues Automatic Payment System. If you pay by credit card, be sure to check the expiration date. You will need your
NEA Individual ID  to complete this process.

If you currently pay your dues by payroll deduction and would like to switch to bank draft or credit card so you are eligible for the $500 drawing, you will be directed to the NEA eDues Automatic Payment System to enroll in bank draft or recurring credit card payment. Please have your NEA Individual ID , bank account, and routing number ready to make the enrollment process simple. Bank Draft withdrawals will begin on or after Sept. 15. Your local association determines the payment schedule for bank drafts and attempts to align the bank draft deductions with your school district payroll schedule. Expect to receive an email annually in late July or early August, which details the deduction amounts and payment dates.

If you prefer to pay dues by credit card, please have your credit card available. Recurring credit card withdrawals will begin Oct. 5 and continue through July 5. Please do not use a debit card whose charges are automatically withdrawn from your checking account; it is better to enroll under the pay method “bank draft” so your dues payment is deducted close to your pay date. To avoid duplicate payment of dues, it is very important that you complete this process PRIOR TO Sept. 1. You should also notify your local association or district payroll office that you are no longer paying your dues through payroll deduction. Also check your paycheck stub and make sure no dues are deducted from your paycheck.

ALL members who complete the authorization process AND are enrolled to pay dues by bank draft or recurring credit card BY SEPT. 1, 2017 will be entered in a $500 drawing to be held on Oct. 1, 2017. Good luck in the drawing and thank you for all you do for children and public education.


Personal Information
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Phone Number
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 Mobile Alert Authorization
I authorize text messages and/or automated calling on a periodic basis. Mobile carrier message and data rates may apply. Neither NEA, MNEA, NEA 360, NEA Member Benefits, or my local affiliate will ever charge for the text message alerts. 

Work / Local Association Information
NEA Individual ID:*  
Enter your NEA ID with the three (3) leading zeros. It should be 10 digits. If you received a personalized email, letter or form ask you to complete this process, your NEA Individual ID will be on the email, letter or form. You can also find your NEA ID number on the last issue of In the Loop e-newsletter or on the mailing label of the Something Better magazine. Please contact MNEA at 1-800-392-0236 if you do not know your number. 


Work Location:  

Local Association:  


*  In Signing, I grant my permission for continuous payments of my membership dues at the annual rate established by NEA, MNEA, and my local association as well as my contribution for the Missouri NEA Ballot Issue Crisis Fund as determined annually by the MNEA Representative Assembly, currently $13 for professional or $6 for education support. In addition, I commit to a voluntary annual continuous $ .00 contribution to be split 50/50 between my local's political action fund and MNEA's political action fund, unless I designate a different amount, while completing the NEA eDues Automatic Payment Enrollment.  I understand that my commitment to the withdrawals noted herein will continue until I cancel membership and have met my dues obligation for the membership year. 


Click the "Submit" button below. 

If you do not need to update or change your payment method or account information, you are done after you click "Submit" below. After you click submit below, you will be taken to the NEA eDues page. No need to log into the NEA eDues system; just close the webpage. 

If you need to change your payment method or update your credit card or bank account information, you will be directed to the NEA eDues Automatic Payment system. Follow the instructions below to set up your bank draft or recurring credit card payment.

Thank you for completing the authorization form.