Free online professional development for early career educators

Posted Date: 8/14/2018


Three FREE interactive online sessions open to Missouri NEA members and non-members

All sessions are 7 – 8 p.m. Register now at, and you will receive reminder emails. Participate from any computer, tablet or smart phone. Test your system using the link in your registration confirmation email.

Tues., Aug. 21 – Writing Professional-Growth Plans

Every Missouri teacher must have a professional growth plan every year as part of teacher evaluation. Join this session to get resources to help you create and manage your growth plan. Self-assessments help you identify current practices that apply to your growth area as well as select specific new skills to learn. Ask questions and get helpful tips to help you create and manage your professional-growth plan.

Mon., Sept. 17 – Observations in Teacher Evaluation

Observations in your classroom play a big role in evaluations and guide helpful feedback from the evaluator. Join this session to learn proactive steps you can take to give you confidence before and after an observation.

Thurs., Sept. 20 – Classroom Management: Transitions

The biggest opportunities for both disruption and non-compliance occur when students move from one area of the classroom to another or from subject to subject. Join this session to learn how to deal with the most common transition challenges as well as to discuss those of your own.

Thurs., Oct. 11 – Student Growth in Teacher Evaluation

Free, open to Missouri NEA members only. Proving students learn can take so much time that it interferes with learning. What does student growth in learning mean? How can I document it? Learn how to use evidence of learning closely tied to your instructional practice.

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