Legislative Platform & Priorities


Every fall at the Representative Assembly, Missouri NEA updates the Legislative Platform and Priorities. The Platform details the education-related issues that MNEA and its members find important. MNEA’s Legislative Priorities is a summary of the Platform. 


Missouri NEA believes that every child has a basic right to attend a great public school. 

Students are at the center of MNEA’s legislative platform and advocacy. MNEA strives to ensure that all students have the time and resources to learn, caring and qualified teachers and an education that inspires natural curiosity and desire to learn.

MNEA and NEA members helped secure a major victory for students and public schools with the passage of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act. This new federal law rolls back much of the “test, blame and punish” approach from NCLB. A key priority for MNEA in 2016 will be to help lead the work in using the opportunities created by ESSA to design a new and better structure for oversight and support of students, educators and schools.

Investing in all of our students,
regardless of zip code, with the tools and time to learn

Missouri NEA believes that access to an adequately and equitably funded public education must be clearly established as a fundamental right for every student.

  1. The state recently cut the funding requirement of the school funding law by more than $300 million.
  2. MNEA urges the legislature to commit to a plan to establish adequate funding for all students based on their needs.
  3. MNEA supports adequate and equitable funding for public higher education institutions and increased funding for student financial aid.

MNEA urges the legislature to support our students and teachers with the resources they need by investing in early childhood education and extended learning time, particularly for at-risk students.

MNEA opposes efforts to reduce state revenues and funding for schools across the state. MNEA supports efforts to make tax credits more accountable and reduce their harmful effect on Missouri’s state revenues.


Ensuring every child has a qualified,
caring and committed teacher 

MNEA supports local control of evaluation systems for all teachers and administrators. MNEA opposes any effort to take away local control or mandate a particular weight for student test scores on a teacher’s evaluation.

MNEA opposes the use of flawed tests and assessment systems to make high stakes decisions about students’ and teachers’ futures. To be effective, tests must be well designed and timely and help educators evaluate individual student needs and tailor lessons to meet learning needs. MNEA believes that parents, students and communities must partner in the development process and have a voice for high-quality assessments.

MNEA believes the current due process (tenure) law should be improved by covering all employees, establishing shorter probationary periods that meet state and national norms and establishing an impartial review process for firing decisions.

MNEA opposes any effort to repeal teacher tenure, extend the lengthy probationary period or weaken due process rights in the layoff context.

Creating an effective partnership to provide an education
that inspires students' natural curiosity, imagination and desire to learn

MNEA supports collective bargaining rights for all education employees to promote school environments where educators and students can excel. Legislation should provide for exclusive recognition and good-faith bargaining to reach an amicable agreement.

MNEA opposes efforts to limit school employees’ right to bargain with their employers or to participate in MNEA. MNEA will oppose the Paycheck Deception proposal, which would impose additional paperwork on members and MNEA while interfering with district administration of payroll deduction.

MNEA believes that state oversight and intervention in districts should focus on supporting and bringing the community together to better support the schools.

MNEA will support efforts to restore local control regarding enrollment of non-resident students to ensure that policies take into consideration district capacity. MNEA also supports revision to the tuition rate calculation to reduce the disproportionate impact on sending districts and extra resources to reduce the adverse impact on unaccredited districts.

MNEA believes charter public schools should be accountable and transparent and respect the rights of students, parents and school employees.


Your Role

You can help create a better future and support MNEA’s legislative effort by becoming an MNEA Education Advocate.

Education Advocates commit to:

  1. Coordinate back-home meetings with their legislators.
  2. Encourage MNEA members to attend Capitol Action Days and legislative brunches or dinners during the legislative session.
  3. Participate in candidate screenings in spring 2016.
  4. Stay connected through email alerts.

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