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Candidates receive the recommendation of the MNEA-PAC by demonstrating a commitment to public education and upon the recommendation of local educators. For more information about the Missouri NEA Recommendation process please visit

How you vote is a personal decision; however, Missouri NEA leaders hope that, as you review the issues and positions of candidates, you will consider the recommendation of your fellow educators in the following elections:

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Recommended school board candidates mostly successful in April election

School board elections were April 4, 2017.  

Missouri NEA local affiliates made recommendations for school board candidates and bond issue elections in April.See below for the outcomes of those elections. 

Local  Outcome
Dr. Hal Berger  W
Mr. David Daniels  L
Yes on Bond/Levy  Y
Rob Chabot  W
Jessica Ponder  W
Donna Paulette Thurman  W
Francis Howell
Patrick Lane  W
Rene Cope  W
Mary Lange  W
Fort Zumwalt 
John Callahan  W
Ryan Dean Ozinga  L
Craig Stephen Moore  W
Earl Draper Jr. (1yr Term)  L
Margo McNeil  W
Elizabeth (Betsy) Rachel  L
Marcus Allen  L
Beth Petry  W
Angie Oshia  W
Yes On Bond Issue  Y
Jefferson City
Victoria Sterling  L
J. Don Salcedo  L
Lori Massman  W
John Schlereth  W
Terry Wilson  W
Miranda Jones  W
Deborah Gould   W
Derek Gander  W
Brent Jordan   W
Yes On Levy  Y
Lee's Summit
Kim Fritchie  W
Susan Coffman  L
Dennis Smith  W
Nicholaus Bartlow  L
Albert Byrd  W
Angie Reed  W
Kent Peterson (1yr term)  W
Cathy Carlock Lorenz  W
Matt Alonzo  W
Christy Watz  W
Mike Shamia (1yr term)  W
Samantha Stormer  W
Jean Pretto  W
Peggy Hassler  W
Meramec Valley
Matt Trower  W
Sean Brinker  W
Austin Myers  L
Yes on Prop K   Y
North Kansas City
Terry Stone  W
Dixie Youngers  W
Park Hill 
Vote Yes on Levy  Y
Chris Jacob  L
Deborah Hopper  W
B. Sophia Ford-Glanton  L
Yes on Prop K  Y
Raymore - Peculiar
Patrick Clark  L
Paul Coffman  W
Bill Lowe  L
Rick Moore  W
Terry Landers  W
Elizabeth (Beth) Plank  W
Lisa Glover-Jones  W
Tom Drennan   W
Lynne Midyett  W
Randy Miller  W
Keith Kinder  W
Yes on Prop T  Y
Greg Chastain  W
Russell Fries  W
Earl Soetaert  L
Yes on Bond Issue  N
St. Charles 
Mike Thorne  W
Steve Skodak 
Leslie Knight  W
Vote Yes on Prop Kids - No Tax Rate Increase  Y
Laurie Wenzel  W
Franci Schwartz  W
Rodger Tucker  W
Scott Byrne  W
Bob Oreskovic  W
Susan Thatcher  W
Betsy Bates  W
Barbara Fine  W
Heather Reiter  W

April 4, 2017 Election Summary

60 Candidate Wins 80%
15 Candidate Losses
7 Bond/Levy Wins 87.50%
1 Bond Levy Loss
67 Wins 81%
83 Total Campaigns
*Green indicates recommended candidate /issue was successful




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