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MNEA members are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. The issues that unite them are protecting children and improving public education. These are the issues that drive MNEA’s and NEA’s candidate-recommendation process.

Because lawmakers’ decisions directly affect children and the education profession, MNEA needs to ensure that the candidates it supports measure up as advocates for public schools and the education employees who deliver the programs that shape America’s future. Candidates receive the recommendation of the MNEA-PAC by demonstrating a commitment to public education and upon the recommendation of local educators. For more information about the Missouri NEA Recommendation process please visit

How you vote is a personal decision; however, Missouri NEA leaders hope that, as you review the issues and positions of candidates, you will consider the recommendation of your fellow educators in the following elections.

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Missouri election -- Vote Nov. 6

Vote Yes on CLEAN Missouri (Constitutional Amendment 1)

WHAT IS IT? The Clean Missouri passes desperately needed ethics reforms to make our state legislature more transparent and accountable to voters. The initiative is our chance to take power away from special interests — and to increase integrity, transparency and accountability.


  • Passing this amendment will force politicians to put Missouri first by taking away power from big donors and special interests by limiting campaign contributions and eliminating lobbyist gifts.
  • This will ensure that neither political party is given an unfair advantage when new district maps are drawn after the census.
  • It would open legislative records to the public by closing the loophole that exempts the state legislature from the sunshine law.
  • CLEAN will put an end to unlimited gift giving by lobbyists.

Vote Yes with Raise Up Missouri (Proposition B)

Proposition B raises the minimum wage in Missouri to $8.60 per hour with incremental raises until it reaches $12.00 per hour in 2023 (5 years). The minimum wage is just too low. The cost of food, housing, transportation, and other necessities has gone up, but wages haven’t kept pace. This initiative helps classroom aides, home health care workers, custodians and other hardworking people, and it will ensure that all Missourians are paid enough to live and take care of their families.


  • Increasing the minimum wage to $8.60 in 2019 then increasing it by 85 cents a year until it reaches $12.00 in 2023 would help almost 100,000 working parents.
  • Too many Missouri workers like nursing home attendants and classroom aids put in an honest day’s work and still struggle to get by.
  • Voting yes would be a lifeline to the 1 in 5 Missouri children who live in low income families.

MNEA-Political Action Committee recommends candidates for midterm election

The Missouri National Education Association PAC is recommending the following candidates for the Nov. 6 election. Candidates receive the recommendation of the MNEA-PAC by demonstrating a commitment to public education and upon the recommendation of local educators.

Please note: If a recommendation is missing for a race in your area, the MNEA PAC Executive Council likely chose not to make a recommendation.

The 35,000-member MNEA represents teachers, education support professionals, college faculty, retired teachers and students studying to be teachers in school districts and on college campuses throughout the state.

Log in to the MNEA Members Only site for recommendations for nationally-held offices. Recommendations in national races are made by the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education, not the MNEA-PAC. Click on Issues & Action, Campaigns and Elections to view a full list.

Missouri State Auditor Ballot Name *=incumbent
Auditor Nicole Galloway *
Senate District Ballot Name *=incumbent
02 Patrice Billings  
04 Karla May  
08 Hillary Shields  
22 Robert Butler  
24 Jill Schupp *
30 Charlie Norr  
34 Martin T. Rucker II  
House District Ballot Name *=incumbent
007 Rusty Black *
009 Sheila Solon  
012 Sandy Van Wagner  
015 Jon Carpenter *
017 Mark Ellebracht *
019 Ingrid Burnett *
020 Bill E. Kidd *
021 Robert Sauls  
022 Brandon Ellington *
023 Barbara Anne Washington *
024 Judy Morgan *
025 Greg Razer *
027 Richard Brown *
028 Jerome Barnes *
029 Rory Rowland *
030 Ryana Parks-Shaw  
033 Donna Pfautsch *
034 James P. (Jim) Ripley  
035 Keri Ingle  
036 DaRon McGee *
037 Joe Runions *
044 Maren Bell Jones  
045 Kip Kendrick *
046 Martha Stevens *
047 Adrian Plank  
050 Michela Skelton  
058 David Wood *
065 Bill Otto *
066 Tommie Pierson, Jr. *
067 Alan K. Green *
068 Jay Mosley *
069 Gretchen Bangert *
070 Paula Brown  
071 LaDonna Appelbaum  
073 Raychel Proudie  
074 Cora Faith Walker *
075 Alan Gray *
077 Steve Roberts *
078 Bruce Franks Jr. *
080 Peter Merideth *
082 Donna M.C. Baringer *
083 Gina Mitten *
088 Tracy McCreery *
090 Deb Lavender *
091 Sarah Unsicker *
092 Doug Beck *
094 Jean Pretto  
096 Erica Hoffman  
097 Mike Revis *
103 Jim Klenc  
104 Peggy Sherwin  
105 Scott Cernicek  
111 Shane Roden *
113 Karen Settlemoir-Berg *
114 Becky Ruth *
115 Elaine Freeman Gannon *
117 Mike Henderson *
119 Nate Tate *
126 James Hogan  
132 Crystal Quade *
136 Jeff Munzinger  
144 Chris Dinkins *
145 Rick Francis *
147 Kathy Swan *


U.S. Senate Ballot Name  
Missouri If you are logged into, see the blue box below; otherwise log in Members Only to see a full list of candidate recommendations. 
U. S. Congress Ballot Name  
District 1 If you are logged into, see the blue box below; otherwise log in Members Only to see a full list of candidate recommendations. 
District 5
District 6  

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