Teachers Matter

Posted Date: 9/13/2020

Share your appreciation for an educator by telling your story. 

Teachers and education support professionals are the heartbeat of public education. This year more than ever, parents, students, administrators and community members are understanding how much responsibility teachers and ESP have in educating and uplifting today's youth. 

Educators have shown their versatility by quickly adapting to virtual classrooms during the coronavirus pandemic. They have shown how it matters to connect with their students, even from afar. They show every day how students matter to them by doing little things like writing a note of encouragement to a student or staying late to discuss concerns about a grade or paper. They show how much they care about educating by teaching the whole child, not just subject matter, but also addressing behavioral issues, teaching sharing, kindness and bully-avoidance techniques. Educators care because students matter.

This year especially, Teachers and ESP are doing all they can to keep students safe and healthy. By reminding students to practice good hygiene, wash hands and sanitize often, avoid contact with others, and cleaning school buildings and buses nightly, teachers and ESP are limiting the spread of COVID-19. 

Students matter to teachers and ESP. How do Teachers Matter to you? 
Now is the time to tell your story.

Tell us how a teacher, coach, school counselor, bus driver or other school employee had a positive effect on your life. Use the form to submit a video, written story, or picture showing your appreciation for a Missouri teacher, coach, bus driver, school secretary, counselor or other public-school employee who matters to you.

  • Did he or she teach you the importance of never giving up?
  • Did he or she help you through a rough period in your life?
  • Is there a phrase or quote that stuck with you?
  • Did he or she brighten your day with a sticker or by saying “Good morning, Sunshine” every morning?

Don’t stop by submitting your story to MNEA. Spread the joy and appreciation by sharing your story on social media with hashtag #TeachersMatter. Invite others to share their stories, too.

KCTV5 and Missouri NEA will be highlighting stories throughout the year. You may be chosen to share your story on camera.

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