Law Day Essay Contest Winners

Posted Date: 4/10/2017

2017 Missouri NEA/Missouri Bar 
Law Day Essay Contest finalists and winners

The Missouri NEA Public Relations Committee and the Missouri Bar Young Lawyers Section co-sponsored the annual Law Day Essay Contest. Students were asked to respond to the following essay prompt:

Grades 6-12: The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed quickly after the end of the Civil War. The war ended in 1865, and the amendment was ratified in 1868. One of the most important parts of the amendment is the presumption that states must make sure that people have “equal protection of the laws.” What do you think that means? Many constitutional experts consider this to be the most important part of the Constitution. Do you agree? Why or why not? Do you think the idea of equal protection of the laws for everyone is important? Why or why not? Can you think of any groups of people who have not always had equal protection of the laws? Can you think of situations where it is okay not to treat all people the same way?

Grades 4-5: 
One of the most important ideas that you can find in our U.S. Constitution is that all people need to be treated fairly, regardless of what race they are, how much money they have, or how smart they are. What does it mean to you be treated fairly? How does your school try to make sure everyone is treated fairly? Can you give some examples of both people being treated fairly and unfairly? What can you do to make sure people are treated fairly?

First-place winners receive $300, second-place winners receive $200, and third-place winners receive $150 from the Missouri Bar.

Certificates of recognition for all students who wrote essays for the contest are available online. Just download the pdf file, and copy the certificate to the paper of your choice. (Law Day Essay Certificates)

The Missouri Bar selects the top three winners in each category. For more information about the Law Day Essay Contest, contact Becky Dodds at (573) 644-9606.

There were 177 entries for the 2017 Law Day Essay Contest. Of those, 28 finalists were chosen to move on to state competition. State-level winners will receive awards at a banquet in Jefferson City April 17, 2017. 

Grades 4-5

Gabriella Mercado, North Kansas City School District, Kansas City

Elizabeth Famurewa, Hickman Mills School District, Kansas City

Leah Stohler, Clayton School District, Clayton

Sawyer Roesch, Clayton School District, Clayton

Alexandra Cohen, Clayton School District, Clayton

Louisa Blackmoore, Clayton School District, Clayton

Riley Bossi, Rockwood School District, Chesterfield

Kipp Vitsky, Clayton School District, Clayton

Anna Hill-Jones, Rockwood School District, Chesterfield

Elana Hadi, Springfield School District, Springfield


1st Place 
Riley Bossi
Rockwood School District 

2nd Place 
Alexandra Cohen
Clayton School District

3rd Place
Kipp Vitsky
Clayton School District

Grades 6-8


Kyle Horne, Belton School District, Belton

Sarah George, Rockwood School District, Ballwin

Claire Bodnar, Springfield School District, Springfield

Macken Hadi, Springfield School District, Springfield

Eliot Blackmoore, Clayton School District, Clayton

Levi Frisbie, Blair Oaks School District, Jefferson City

Alyssa Harrington, Manes School District, Mountain Grove

Bryden Behrens, Rockwood School District, Ballwin


1st Place 
Eliot Blackmoore
Clayton School District

2nd Place 
Alyssa Harrington
Manes School District

3rd Place 
Macken Hadi
Springfield School District

Grades 9-12

Murielle Mercier, Hickman Mills School District, Kansas City

Timothy Collins, Hickman Mills School District, Kansas City

Nathan Holloway, Hickman Mills School District, Kansas City

Cournesha Branch, Hickman Mills School District, Kansas City

Isis Thompson, Hickman Mills School District, Kansas City

Bethany Hoskins, Hickman Mills School District, Kansas City

Emery Wakefield, Columbia School District, Columbia

Max Thierry, Maries RII School District, Belle

Crista Woolley, Maries RII School District, Belle

Autumn Shelton, Lamar R1 School District, Lamar


1st Place
Crista Woolley
Maries County RIII School District

2nd Place
Max Thierry
Maries County RIII School District

3rd Place
Murielle Mercier
Hickman Mills School District



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