Law Day Essay Contest

Posted Date: 9/29/2017

Students in grades 4-12 could win up to $300. 

Essay prompts

Grades 9-12: The Framers of the Constitution created a system of government with three distinct and independent branches – the legislative (Congress), the executive (the President and all of his cabinets and departments), and the judicial (the courts). These three branches share power and each power serves as check on the others. Why was this system important to the Framers? Do you think this is still an effective system of government? Why or why not?

Grades 4-8:
When the Framers (the Men who wrote the Constitution) came up with what they thought would be a fair system of government, they felt strongly that the power to govern should be shared among three branches of government: the legislative, the executive and the judicial. They also thought each branch should be able to check the power of the other branches. Name some of the powers each branch has. Name some ways the branches check on each other’s powers. Why do you think the Framers came up with this system?

An essay responding to the prompt above could win one of your students $300. Help your students polish their writing skills with the Missouri NEA/Missouri Bar Law Day Essay Contest.

All entries should be sent to the judging coordinator listed in the flier. Essays must be postmarked by Feb. 2, 2018. Information packets, including publicity materials, will be mailed to school district superintendents and principals in October.

Students will compete in three categories, grades 4-5, 6-8 and 9-12. Entries should be no longer than 700 words and will be judged on general appearance, structure, content, creativity and originality.

The first-place winner in each category receives $300, second-place winners receive $200, and third-place winners receive $150. State-level awards will be presented in April at a banquet in Jefferson City.

The Law Day Essay Contest is a project of the MNEA Public Relations Committee and the Missouri Bar Young Lawyers Section. More information can be found in the downloadable packet of materials. If you have any questions or concerns about the Law Day Essay Contest, contact Becky Dodds at (573) 644-9606.


2018 Law Day Essay Contest Materials (pdf)

2018 Participation Certificate (pdf)

2018 Winners 


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