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3-Part Virtual Training

(June 12, July 10, and Aug. 7)

We are all policymakers and it is vital that each of us has a critical lens through which to create, interpret, and practice the policy that impacts students every day. And now is your chance to begin developing a sharper vision to analyze policy that shapes learning environments in our schools. 

In a training based on their work, Anti-Racist Educational Leadership and Policy, join Dr. Sarah Diem, Dr. Anjalé Welton, and MNEA for three synchronous, virtual training sessions, along with asynchronous on-your-own training work to develop a lens for which to analyze policy. 

Training Description

Monday, June 12, 1-3 pm

Session 1: What is anti-racist leadership and practice? 

In this session, participants will: 

  • Distinguish anti-racism from equity.
  • Identify how your values as an anti-racist leader aligns with your daily practice.
  • Develop a racial autobiography to reflect on your racial history, experiences, and identity.
Monday, July 10, 1-3 pm

Session 2: How does whiteness perpetuate racial inequality in schools? 

Monday, August 7, 1-3 pm

Session 3: Resources and tools for anti-racist policy decision-making 

An asynchronous course will provide the resources and work to be studied outside of the virtual training sessions. This course will be located in the MNEA Learning Management System, MNEA Learns.

Registrants are expected to attend the full program (all three sessions and asynchronous on-your-own course) and commit to organizing and implementing at least one conversation in their workplace or community, applying the analytical lens and skills they have learned and practiced.

Authors and Facilitators

Dr. Sarah Diem is an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis at the University of Missouri.

Dr. Anjalé D. Welton is a professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Book Description

You are not required to purchase this book for training. 

Anti-Racist Educational Leadership and Policy helps educational leaders better comprehend the racial implications and challenges of the current educational policy landscape. Each chapter unpacks a policy issue such as school choice, school closures, standardized testing, discipline, and school funding, and analyzes it through the racialized and market-driven lenses of the current leadership context. Full of real examples, this book equips aspiring school leaders with the skills to question how a policy addresses or fails to address racism, action-oriented strategies to develop anti-racist solutions, and the tools to encourage their school community to promote racial equity. This important book demystifies a complex policy context and prepares current and future teacher leaders, principals, and superintendents to lead their schools towards more equitable practice.”

If you have any questions about this program or your registration, contact Laurie Bernskoetter (, (573) 644-9623.) or Samantha Hayes (, (573) 644-9625).

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