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As an educator, you are the expert on what is best for schools and students. That’s why educators, not politicians and policymakers, should be making decisions about schools and students. Join Missouri NEA and fellow educators across the state and nation to make sure your voice is heard.

When you join, you will also be a member of the National Education Association and your local association. Three unions—local, state, and national—working for you. 

Why Join Missouri NEA? (download brochure) 

5 Months of Free Benefits 

(April 1-Aug. 31)

Don't just join an organization, get involved in a movement! Together, we can change the way public schools, students, and employees are treated.

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NEA/MNEA dues for first-time members are $250 for certified staff and $150 for non-certified staff, plus local dues, if applicable. 

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Dues Rebate

If you join MNEA as a teacher or Education Support Professional after college graduation, you are eligible for a $20 rebate for every year you were a member of NEA Aspiring Educators. 



The five-months-free promotion begins April 1.​​​​​​

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