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Missouri's Performance-Based Teacher Evaluation Guidelines


MNEA Issues PBTE Alert: The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) guidelines for Performance-Based Teacher Evaluation (PBTE) are available online.
Missouri NEA had five representatives on the committee that helped to develop the new model and believes it is an improvement over the previous PBTE. However, there are some potential pitfalls in the new model that need to be addressed at the local level.

Positive changes in this PBTE model include:

  • Criteria are based on effective teaching research and the Missouri Show-Me Standards.
  • The teacher and supervisor work cooperatively in documenting student engagement and satisfactory teacher behavior.
  • Decision-making is based on both classroom observation and teacher documentation on standards not observed.
  • The criteria is model neutral (not just Madeline Hunter).
  • Collaboration with peers is encouraged to provide non-evaluative feedback and professional support through peer assistance and peer coaching.
  • Professional growth is integrated into the model.
  • Self-evaluation and reflection are included.
  • The model is designed to assist in implementing the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan.
  • Tenured teachers are provided options in annual professional development and allowed recognition for their work on career ladders, accelerated schools, certification levels, Missouri School Improvement Plans, mentoring programs, safe schools committees, A+ Schools, Re-Learning, etc.
  • Teachers are expected to contribute to the learning community as a formal part of the evaluation model.
  • Principals are provided more time to focus on non-tenured teacher evaluations.
  • Tenured teachers are recognized for the contributions they make to the educational leadership of the building.

Some of the pitfalls of this PBTE model may include:

  • No defined appeals process is provided.
  • Both the 3-point and 4-point rating scales are still flawed.
  • The structure can still allow abuse of Professional Improvement Plans (PIPs).
  • The structure may lend itself to pressuring teachers to provide student evaluations of the teacher and/or student achievement test scores voluntarily.
  • The mentoring option for professional development may jeopardize the confidentiality clause of the law.
  • Districts may attempt to adopt this model completely without convening a committee to review how to adapt it to better fit each district.
  • Districts may convene committees to review the new model without appropriate teacher representation.
  • Districts may attempt to implement the new PBTE model without appropriate training for teachers and evaluators.

In order to address the new PBTE model proactively and avoid the potential pitfalls, MNEA recommends local Associations do the following:

  • Make sure that your district forms a PBTE Review Committee.
  • Make sure that NEA members are well represented on the local PBTE Review Committee.
  • Work to make sure that your district creates a plan that fits local needs.
  • Spell out the PBTE procedure and teacher rights throughout the procedure.
  • Make sure that an appeals process for PBTE is included (this could be your regular grievance procedure).
  • Exclude “walks on water” ratings and intermediate columns on evaluation report.
  • Make sure that your process provides for a PIP with sufficient time for correction prior to anyone being marked less than “meeting expectations.”
  • Include clear instructions to teachers that student evaluations and any kind of test scores are included only if the teacher chooses.
  • Make sure that mentors are given the appropriate training on how to keep a self-reflection journal that does not violate the confidentiality law.

Training in the new PBTE model is available.

Missouri NEA offers training upon request. Contact MNEA at 573-634-3202 to request PBTE training to meet your needs.


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