VIDEO: You have a voice with your union. Join Missouri NEA

Don't just join an organization, get involved in a movement! Together, we can promote, advance and protect public education and advocate for the rights and interests of students and educators.

#MNEAunites   #MNEAinspires   #MNEAleads

If you join Missouri NEA now as a first-time* active member, you can receive these early enrollment benefits FREE. 

  • $4 million Educators Employment Liability Insurance
  • Consultation with an MNEA UniServ Director when you need employment-related advice
  • An unmatched professional network through Internet, email lists, and local, state and national publications
  • Access to exclusive online shopping offers every day and on 300,000 discounts ranging from hotels (half price) to local dining, shopping, cell phones, rental cars, travel, recreation and everyday purchases
  • Smartphone application with 150,000 discounts just for MNEA members
  • Two free legal consultations and discounts on legal services for personal matters (not related to employment)
  • The satisfaction that through your membership you will help shape the future of public education and the children it serves

Don't begin paying dues until after Sept. 1. NEA/MNEA dues for first-time members are $219 for certified staff and $139 for non-certified staff, plus local dues, if applicable. To participate in Missouri NEA’s Early Enrollment Program,  print and complete one of the forms below and mail to your regional MNEA office. 

Join Now Online or Print a membership form and mail to your MNEA Regional Office.


Posted Date: 7/29/2020
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