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Why do you need a national organization as your professional organization of choice? Never has it been more apparent than right now. The ability to influence elected officials across the country at just the right time with just the right message is critical to "fixing" the mess caused by the No Child Left Behind version of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. 

The NEA NCLB Reauthorization television ad will be running in the 13 states with Senate Education Committee members. Missouri is not one of the 13 states, so we are asking Missouri NEA members to participate in a twitter storm Thursday evening, April 9th. The hope is that a flurry of activity using the hashtag #GetESEARight will generate messages asking Congress to give educators "Time to Teach" and give students "Time to Learn."

Go to for more ways to help.

The Twitter Storm is coming Thursday April 9th ….. and we need your help!

How can we make sure educator voices are heard on #ESEA reauthorization?

Twitter! It's is one of the best ways to reach members of Congress, as well as other policy makers. So let’s storm their Twitter accounts on Thursday, April 9 from 6-7 PM CDT.

We had great participation from our activists in the first ESEA Twitter Storm, and this time around we need all NEA leaders involved.

Here's how to participate:

  1. Download and print the #TimetoLearn or #OpportunityForAll sign and add your message.

    Take a picture with your sign and tweet the photo to promote the #GetESEARight Twitter Storm, and encourage folks to share their own message.
    Here’s a link to share with instructions on how to participate in the Twitter Storm.

  2. On April 9, between 6 and 7 PM, send a tweet to each of your senators telling them that ALL students deserve the resources they need to learn #GetESEARight. Include the Opportunity dashboard URL in your Tweet:

You can use NEA’s Twitter Tool. All you have to do is enter your zip code, click to tweet your Senators, and then click tweet again in the Twitter window that pops up.

More Resources

Visit for more information about the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.


Posted Date: 4/8/2015
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Even though we are not at school supporting Missouri students, members continue to help every day during this crisis. MNEA wants to share your stories as we struggle through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are hearing about members who are continuing to care for their students by

  • volunteering at school district Grab & Go meal distribution centers and food drives
  • providing child care for essential medical staff
  • shopping for the elderly so they don’t have to leave the safety of their homes

Your stories help show that educators don’t stop caring. Please send your stories with pictures to MNEA at, so we can share them. You can post to social media, making sure you tag @MissouriNEA and use the hashtags  #MNEAheroes and  #MNEAprotects.